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Gyokuro Asahi Loose Tea

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Origin: Japan
Leaf Type: Green Tea
Taste: Clean and verdant
Drink: Without milk
Brew: Lightly, 2-3 minutes with water off the boil
When to drink: Throughout the day

Gyokuro means “Jade Dew” in Japanese, while the word Asahi refers to the specialised variety of leaf used to create high quality steamed tea.

he tea bushes are shaded to protect them from the sun, in some cases even covered with blankets, to allow the leaves to produce the maximum amount of chlorophyll.

The result is an infusion of almost luminescent green, distinguished by a springlike sweetness.


100% Green Tea.

Packed in an environment where nuts are handled.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Ideally warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Use one teaspoon (around 2g) per cup and  use freshly drawn water which is heated to around 80 degrees. You can either pour the water before it reaches boiling point or allow the water to sit for a few minutes afterwards. Allow to brew for 2-3 minutes according to taste. Should be drunk without milk.

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Yes Indeed! I also found that 5 or six litres of Gyokuro tea after a nice wobble of cheese was very pleasurable. I steep it with a Ruffleschneider 6000 Elephant C for optimal results.

Posted by Dr. Will Obblyopolis (28th November 2013)


Yes indeed, I also found that after a good spot of cheddar, this tea went down a treat! Splendid cheese and tea.

Posted by Daniel Druff (27th November 2013)


This is so so good! :) very nice after some cheese i found.

Posted by Tomasz (13th November 2013)


The leaves have such a spicy scent to them that I was surprised by the strong vegetal flavour when I brewed it -- absolutely delicious! It reminded me of my own travels to Japan with its fresh, authentic taste.

Posted by PJ (7th May 2013)

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