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Pu-erh Loose Tea

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Origin: Yunnan Province, China
Leaf Type: Pu-erh Tea
Taste: Slightly sweet and earthy
Drink: Without milk
Brew: Lightly, 2-3 minutes according to taste
When to drink: Throughout the day

A speciality of Yunnan Province in China, pu-erh tea has a strong body and an earthy tone. The distinct flavour is developed through a process of wet-fermentation and the taste is said to improve with age.

A gold winner in the 2012 Great Taste Awards, the judges described this tea as having a “good pu-erh flavour, not in the least dirty.” It may be something of an acquired taste, but the Chinese swear by pu-erh as an aid to digestion, even drinking it to promote weight loss.


100% Pu-Erh Tea

Packed in an environment where nuts are handled.

Brew a Perfect Cup

Ideally warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Use one teaspoon (around 2g) per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Can be drunk with or without milk.

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An excellent single-infusion loose-leaf pu-erh. Does not respond well to subsequent steeping of the same leaf, as one would do with compressed pu-erh. This is a shame, as only one set of flavors are extracted from the leaf, making it poorly suited to the traditional Chinese gong-fu style of steeping. Perhaps this style of leaf makes it easier to make an infusion the European way, which makes it easier for beginners to make a good-tasting cup of tea.
Nevertheless, it is a great and affordable everyday pu-erh that tastes pleasantly "of the earth."

Posted by Oliver von S-S (8th April 2015)


Just tried my first cup following the instructions and I was pleasantly surprised by the first to last flavour of the infusion. An earthy taste, soft on the palate without any harshness to the initial tasting and a mellow aftertaste, recommend this loose tea.

Posted by Chris Thomas (10th November 2014)

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