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Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos Caffeine Free Infusion

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Origin: South Africa
Leaf type: Rooibos
Taste: Festive orange spiciness
Drink: Without milk 
Brew: 5-8 minutes according to taste
When to drink: As a refreshing caffeine-free drink any time of day
Whittard’s Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos Infusion is a deliciously spicy blend of this hugely popular alternative to tea. Warm and comforting, with an irresistibly Christmassy aroma, it is the perfect drink over the festive period.
Low in tannin and caffeine-free, Rooibos is drunk for its alleged health benefits as well as its individual flavour. Literally meaning ‘Redbush’ in Africaans, it grows only in the Cederberg mountain area of South Africa, on small shrubby bushes that produce its green, needle like leaves. When fermented, the leaves turn red, making a rich-coloured full-bodied tea. 
Pieces of citrus peel, pistachio and almond have been added to create an exciting blend that can be enjoyed hot or chilled.


Rooibos, Coriander Seeds, Flavouring, Red Pepper, Pistachio, Citrus Peel, Almond Pieces


Brew a Perfect Cup

  For the perfect cup of Gingerbread & Orange Rooibos Infusion, add one teaspoon (around 2g) per cup to a teapot or cafetière. Always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 5-8 minutes according to taste. Strain if you are using a teapot. Best drunk without milk. Sweeten with a spoon of sugar or honey.  

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Average customer rating based on 2 reviews

My work colleagues and I are totally addicted to this tea! Absolutely gorgeous :-). Definitely recommend.

Posted by Debbie Stanier (16th December 2014)


With gingerbread heading up the title of this tea, I anticipated a real treat. However, I was very disappointed.

There was no taste of gingerbread, or ginger. I then checked the ingredients list on the packet and there was no mention of anything gingerbread or ginger related, unless disguised under the heading of 'flavouring' in which case it would be synthetic and explains the disappointing taste.

Posted by Tea Lover (12th December 2014)

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