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Pomegranate White Loose Tea Pouch

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Origin: Blended
Leaf Type: White Tea, Green Tea and Flavouring
Taste: Sweet and Fragrant
Drink: Without Milk
Brew: Lightly, 2-3 minutes according to taste with water off the boil
When to drink: Afternoon

Ruby red pomegranate is a fruit of myth and legend. Characterised by its sweet yet sharp taste, pomegranate is a perfect complement to our gently fragrant white tea. Let this luxurious combination lift your spirits.
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White Tea, 1%Pomegranate Pips, 4% Cranberry, 3.5% Flavouring, 3% Rose Petals

Brew a Perfect Cup

Ideally warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Use one teaspoon (around 2g) per cup and use freshly drawn water which is heated to around 80 degrees. You can either pour the water before it reaches boiling point or allow the water to sit for a few minutes afterwards. Allow to brew for 2-3 minutes according to taste. Should be drunk without milk.

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Average customer rating based on 4 reviews

This tea is a sweet tea that I would recommend to those who don't want strong earthy teas. The pomegranate perfectly balances out the smokiness aftertaste that you can get with some teas.

With this tea do not brew for too long or else you'll find it can be a little bitter in comparison. If using a one scoop tea strainer to infuse the loose tea leaves I find that if you are okay with a more subtle taste that you can use the same scoopful twice.

This is one of my favourite teas and I recommend it as an after work tea. Something to really make you relax.

Posted by Susie Cumberland (29th April 2015)


I love the delicate flavours of Pomegranate with the delicate falvours of white tea. Its a prefect combination. refreshing at any time of the day. I love it.

Posted by Dian Reilly (16th March 2015)


Beautifully light and has a great balance of sweetness and that slight smokiness that is typical of a white tea. The mix of green tea adds some crispness as well. My only criticism would be that it doesn't taste quite as fruity-candy-sweet as it smells (the scent is incredible) but there is certainly that hint of juicy fruits and rose petal to round out the base flavour.

Posted by PJ (26th February 2015)


Tastes great and aids very well in weight loss! thank you for selling this product!

Posted by Indi (14th January 2015)

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