San Agustin Colombia Coffee


San Agustin Colombia Coffee


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    This Colombian single origin coffee is cultivated on small farms clustered around the town of San Agustin in the Andean mountains. Flourishing under the shade of banana and rubber trees, the beans exude a wonderful caramel sweetness, tempered by a touch of lemon acidity and a nutty, chocolatey finish.
  • Ingredients
    Roasted Arabica beans.
  • Reviews
    My personal no 1
    By Mag from Gothenburg on 01/20/2019
    I absolutely love this one. I was trying to save it for guests but It is way too good XD
    San Agustin Colombia Coffee
    on 09/27/2017
    I am delighted that I have finally discovered my favourite coffee. I made a cafetiere at work and all my colleagues loved it too!
    San Agustin Colombia Coffee
    on 11/19/2017
    Soft & strong , I really love this delicious coffee, when made in an espresso machine that immediately grinds the beans.
    San Agustin Colombia Coffee
    on 10/20/2017
    This reminds me of the coffee you used to get in the nasty old shacks in provincial train stations. Even when I drink it black and hot it tastes like it's too milky and has been left around too long. I'm guessing because it's so weak in flavour. Couldn't finish the bag, life is too short to drink coffee this tasteless.
    San Agustin Colombia Coffee
    on 03/31/2017
    A very unpleasant coffee. I can only describe it to smell and taste like a kitchen bin. Had to throw it out, couldn't drink it. :(





Tastes Like

Lemon & Walnut

Brew the Perfect cup

When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don't scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.



Iced Coffee



Try this sweet, complex coffee cold brewed or served over ice – it also makes a delicious filter coffee.

Origin: Colombia

San Agustin is in the Colombian region of Huila, known for its excellent growing conditions.

A National Treasure

Coffee's such an important part of Colombian culture that the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia opened a theme park devoted to the drink in 1995. The National Coffee Park features museums, shows and even coffee-themed rollercoasters.