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Peanut Butter Flavour Hot Chocolate

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Who was the bright spark who first invented peanut butter jam sandwiches? We’re not sure, but we think we might just have beaten them to the best peanut butter combination ever. Peanut butter hot chocolate. You heard it here first.

Simple as it sounds, we’ve found this hot chocolate is particularly amazing with digestive biscuits and melting marshmallows. It’s also the secret to our peanut butter chocolate cheesecake…  
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Write a Review
* * * * * I LOVE THIS!! by Jodie on 29th July 2018

This is AMAZING!! I think it’s a fantastic hot chocolate with the right amount of peanut butter flavour, I adore it! I use half water and half milk when I make it and it’s the perfect chocolatey peanut butterey treat, on my 3rd tub and I’m never disappointed by it or any of the Whittards hot chocolates. Honestly the only brand I buy now!

* * * * * Amazing by Zoe Harrington on 25th June 2018

I absolutely enjoyed every drop!!! Tastes like liquid reeses nut bar, worth the price!!!

* * * * * The best peanut butter drink out there by Eleanor on 12th June 2018

I couldn’t resist buying a tub of this after tasting a sample in store. It’s the perfect amount of indulgence without needing any sugar added to it. I admit making it just with hot water does make it awfully bitter - but if you make it with hot milk as per the directions on the tub then it is absolute perfection.

* * * * * It's not bitter or peanut butter tasteless just needs a little sugar by Nicola Speranza on 19th April 2018

Love this stuff. As someone who has an intolerance to chocolate but would eat it a lot if I could, this stuff amazing. I don't know if it's because it's non dairy but it doesn't effect the taste in the slightest. Straight away I can see why people say it's bitter and the peanut butter taste is lacking but simply add a teaspoon if sugar and it's transformed into the yummiest thing ever. Just back to buy more and saw the reviews so thought I'd have my say too. I LOVE IT!

* * * * - Loved it by Aurore Bourbon on 21st March 2018

I absolutely loved it and will definitely buy more...

* - - - - Promise's a lot by Daniel on 9th March 2018

I bought this a couple of weeks ago along with some Blueberry Cheesecake which I can't highly recommend enough. This for me is a totally different story, the smell of the powder promises so much, it's amazing. However, the drink just isn't special, it's got a little bitterness, not much, probably from the peanuts, nothing offensive though, but doesn't taste of peanuts, let alone peanut butter. It's just doesn't deliver on the peanut butter part of the deal, it's just chocolate. Don't get me wrong it's a decent hot chocolate but doesn't taste like peanut butter got anywhere near it and it's very disappointing, if you want hot chocolate buy the normal one or another flavoured one, this is my go to place for hot chocolate but this just doesn't deliver the flavour on the tub.

* - - - - Peanut butter hot chocolate by Lis on 17th February 2018

I was looking forward to this. It smelt like a liquid marathon bar. But sadly, the taste was bitter, aftertaste was strong enlightened to clean my teeth. Try the others like raspberry and strawberry.

* * * * * Delicious by Nikki on 16th February 2018

Scrummy yummy! Has a lovely peanut brittle like flavour and taste, creamy and luxurious. I really enjoy this flavour.

* * * * * The perfect combination by Bethany Cornelius on 4th February 2018

So yummy! I love peanut butter & chocolate & this is the perfect combination without being too sickly

* * * * * More! by Stuart Millard on 14th January 2018

Had this bought for me for Christmas by my parents, it didn't last long. A subtle hint of peanut butter, not overpowering - it lasted me less than a fortnight to go through a jar. Definitely buying more!

* * * * - Michelle by Michelle Thomas on 8th January 2018

I like this hot chocolate, but do not find it has much of a peanut butter flavor, just a hint. My daughter and granddaughter love it, it's their favourite and find it very peanut type. I suppose all our taste buds are different. Will definitely purchase more..

* * - - - Peanut and chocolate drink by David Parker on 4th January 2018

The first smell is good chocolate and peanut butter. First taste is bitter but after adding 1 tsp of maple syrup that helped but the after taste lingers had to clean my teeth to get rid I won't drink it again but my wife likes it

* - - - - Smells nice by Rii on 23rd November 2017

Smells exactly like peanut butter which is very deceiving taste like normal hot chocolate and has a very bitter after taste. Such a shame I’m a huge peanut butter fan but this is nothing more than a peanut butter aroma.

* * - - - 50/50 by Kristina on 16th September 2017

As a peanut butter lover i thought i will love this product. I can not say i have enjoyed it but can not say i was that disgusted either. First few seconds were nice but after you get that "burned oily peanut " flavour . Luckily, tried it in store before buying. Hopefully company will improve the flavour .

* * * * * New Favourite by Emma-Louise Browse on 25th October 2016

Luxurious and decadent - I hope this becomes a permanent product, I am on my 2nd tub already!

* * * * * Amazing by Billy Fox on 17th October 2016

I really hope they keep this since I love it so much. Lovely hot chocolate and you can really taste the peanut butter. One for peanut butter fans out there

* * * * * Peanutty Chocolate Heaven by Ruth Hughes on 17th October 2016

Not normally a Hot Chocolate Drinker, I could not resist this Peanut Flavour. It is slightly sweet for me, but not over sweet, and has a lovely peanut "tang". I can highly recommend this. Whittard as usual providing the best flavour available

* * * * * Yummy! by Michelle on 15th October 2016

Upon drinking my first mug last night I couldn't believe the peanutty taste. I wouldn't say it's like a spoonful of peanut butter though, but more like that well known chocolate bar. And seeing as I now count every calorie that passes my lips, this hot chocolate is the perfect alternative. I have mine with coconut milk which heats up well in the microwave and stir the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate in afterwards. For years I wondered what all the fuss about hot chocolate was, until I recently tasted your Strawberry White Hot Chocolate. Now I can't stop buying all the flavours to discover my favourites.

* * * * - Peanuts and it's vegan! by Matthew Smith on 13th October 2016

So excited to try this. I love peanut butter and was so excited to see this is accidentally vegan!! Loved it. Only reason for four star is even more peanutty please

* * * * * Delicious!! by Jenny Wilson on 12th October 2016

A chocolaty nutty delight! I will be stocking up on this before it sells out! Delicious!

* - - - - Absolutely Acrid Stuff by Sophie on 7th October 2016

Took a punt on this product which had zero reviews, and boy, do I regret it! Considering it tastes like tobacco ash, a frugal decision would be to empty the contents of an ashtray into your mouth. Like it? Great, buy this product! Don't? Then don't bother and save yourself £6 (which, considering the pot is only 3/4 full, is a fairly steep price tag). I normally love Whittards stuff so I'm very disappointed, and baffled as to why they let someone, who's very clearly never eaten peanut butter in their life, design this product.

Reply from Whittard, 12th October 2016

"Dear Sophie

I'm really sory you didn't like our peanut butter hot chocolate and appreciate your feedback. Don't forget, under our taste guarantee you are entitled to a replacement or full refund if you return it to the shop. If you no longer have the packaging please contact my team at


Daniel Clear
Customer Services Supervisor
Whittard of Chelsea"

* * - - - Not the best flavour by Beckie on 7th October 2016

I was quite excited to try this being a huge peanut butter lover. However I found the taste (as it often is with things flavoured like this) wasn't really reminiscent of peanut butter but a burnt vague nut taste. It's a shame as I like a lot of the other flavours. The texture is nice however.

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