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Mint Flavour Hot Chocolate

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Creamy yet refreshing, this hot chocolate makes a rather lovely ice cream milkshake...

Mark it in your calendar - the US National Confectioners Association officially lists February 19 as ‘Chocolate Mint Day’. We like to celebrate all year round, with our delectable Mint Flavour Hot Chocolate. 

Combining chocolatey comfort with a refreshing kick, this is the perfect after-dinner indulgence to share with friends. A square of our delicate peppermint milk chocolate makes for a palate-cleansing combination…

  • Cups per 100g


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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * * Delicious! by J Broster on 27th June 2018

This is my favourite hot chocolate! Lovely creamy, rich taste. Very indulgent. I enjoy eating the little chocolate chips that sit on the bottom once i have finished the hot chocolate!

* * * * * A mint dream! by Charlotte Allseybrook on 8th March 2018

I absolutely love hot chocolates. I have tried this hot chocolate in various ways and it never disappoints. I found the best way to make this hot chocolate is on the hob, getting the milk to around 65 degrees, adding the powder slow, whilst stirring with a whisk. It may seem a lot of effort, but it's truly luxurious this way. The best variation of this was mixed with a Whittard chocolate spoon! The milk chocolate spoon, with a tea spoon of the mint hot chocolate, and marshmallows is heaven! Try it you will not regret it.

* * - - - Had higher expectations by HCL on 13th November 2017

Mint hot chocolate, being one of my favourites, I was super excited to try out Whittard's Mint Hot Chocolate. Needless,to say I had high expectations Unfortunately, I was severely disappointed with this Hot Chocolate. I found it too bitter, and hard to dissolve. A large chunk gets left at the bottom and the taste is reminiscent of a powder. As time has gone on, I've gotten a more used to the taste, and enjoy having it but wished it was a less bitter.

* * * * * The best out there by Emma on 8th March 2017

I was given this as a birthday present and I am so glad I received it. It is possibly the best hot chocolate I have even tried. The minty-ness is just right. I will definitely be stocking up next time I visit the store

* * * * * Mrs. by Marianne Santos on 26th November 2016

My son loves mint and chocolate drink and this is the best one he had for years as he said! Not even sharing

* * * * * Second purchase by featherslack on 30th October 2016

Bought this for a dear lady who has wanted another pot for ages. The delight on her face when she opened the package said it all! Delicious, & just the right amount of minty-ness

* * * * * So good by Rebecca Rees on 22nd October 2016

I adore this hot chocolate and love the fact that some of the powder is left at the bottom because this is like an extra treat, delicious. Addictive!

* - - - - Disappointing by Smith on 10th April 2016

Found this to be very poorly flavoured, and really watery. Even when mixing in to a paste before adding rest of the liquid, most of it sinks to the bottom when drinking leaving a really watery consistency (and I don't want to be constantly stirring!) Did not like the flavour at all, very bitter chocolate and poor minty taste. Unfortunately heard about the Taste Guarantee after having thrown this in the bin!

* * * * * just like a breath of fresh air with a minty taste by manda grundy on 27th March 2016

I have to agree with the previous review about problems in dissolving the coco. ive got around this by putting a little boiled water and mixing it before adding the milk. very morish

* * * - - Perfect taste, but.. by Frederik on 20th August 2015

I actually love the flavour of this product, and based on taste alone it is a 5 out of 5! Unfortunately I find that it can be difficult to dissolve the powder properly in the milk. Quite a bit of it always precipitates to the bottom of the mug. The taste is great though, so if this isn't a major concern for you, I can highly recommend this product!

* * * * - Yum!! by Bez Toop on 13th November 2014

This has a really punchy mint flavour, balancing well with the chocolate. Not a huge fan of mint choc, but this one works brilliantly.

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