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Luxury Hot Chocolate

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Our classic recipe, designed for those who like their cocoa just so...

‘Luxury’.  It’s a word you hear bandied about a lot these days. But what does it take for a taste to be truly luxurious?

Well, we like to think our Luxury Hot Chocolate comes pretty near the mark. With a cashmere smoothness and rich intensity of flavour, it’s the perfect antidote to austerity.

Some say that luxuries should be treated sparingly. But we’re not opposed to a bit of everyday decadence. Add a swirl of cream while you’re at it. Go on…



  • Cups per 100g


Brew the perfect cup

Spoon 3 heaped teaspoons (20g) into a mug or cup, maybe a couple more if you’re feeling decadent. Gently heat approximately 200ml of milk and pour onto the chocolate, stirring thoroughly.

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18 Reviews

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * * Dark Hot Chocolate by Wendy Hodge on 24th November 2016

Love it and order it every year but I am a hot chocolate lover as I do not drink tea or coffee!Get some in for Christmas!

* - - - - Oh dear by Anne-Marie on 17th November 2016

I realise I am probably going to be in the minority with this because of previous reviews but I absolutely hated this hot chocolate, it left a very bitter aftertaste, so much so that I felt really sick for a couple of hours after drinking a little bit. I'm so disappointed as I had really high hopes. Maybe it's just my taste buds, I don't know. Anyway, I still love the Instant teas so it's not all bad.

* * * * * delicious by Mel on 10th November 2016

A really delicious hot chocolate. Lovely texture and not too sweet. A nice cocoa taste. It's a good price for a good quality drink. Liked it more than the hot chocolate made in the popular coffee shops.

* * * * * One of the best hot chocolates ive ever had by Shi on 1st November 2016

So silky smooth, no clumps (when whisked with a fork) i have no negative comments!

* * * * * thumbs up by Joanna on 24th October 2016

Something between hot cocoa and hot chocolate. Like it a lot!

* * * * * Chrstmas joy by Christine Ward on 24th October 2016

Together with the other items I bought from you, I know my daughter will be enjoying her Christmas drinks!!

* * * * - De-licious! by Margaret Miller on 14th March 2016

I bought a set of the milk and white, along with chocolate spoons before Christmas. I can't praise the milk chocolate high enough, can't speak for the white one because I gave that to my daughter. I will definitely buy more.....

* * - - - Luxery Hot Chocolate by Malcolm on 26th February 2016

What has happened to the 375g choice? The weight has been reduced and the price increased! Can only give 2 stars on this evidence.

* * * * * Just try this :D by Milena Szmudzińska on 18th February 2016

This is the bes hot chocolate I've ever drink :D Lovely taste and low fat, just one word for this: perfect!

* * * * * Luxury by Julie robinson on 11th December 2015

I am a hot chocolate drinker only, and this chocolate is the tops, l have tried most flavours and they are all excellent. People have mentioned the cost, yes it is a little pricy but that's what you pay for quality not quantity, l know which l would prefer.

* * * * * Decadent and delicious by Catharine Rice on 12th March 2015

I'm not usually a fan of hot chocolate but after trying it in the Oxford Street store I was hooked. I have been home a week and have nearly finished the container!!! So rich, tastes and smells amazing. Would definitely recommend to any hot chocolate connoisseur.

* * * * * Wonderful Hot Chocolate by Wendy Blampied on 4th January 2015

The best hot chocolate I have brought in the UK.....

* * * * - Tried this and loved it! by Caroline Stewart on 3rd January 2015

It is a lot more expensive than other branded hot chocolate but it is worth it. This is quality hot chocolate. I bought my previous tin of this for the first time to try it at an outlet store and it was a different shape and slightly cheaper which I would expect at an outlet store. I would continue to buy this at its present price because it is so nice but it is a luxury item.

* * * * - In agreement by Catherine Tollemache on 17th November 2014

I must admit I agree with previous reviews regarding reduced weight and higher price. It is lovely drinking chocolate and the only one my husband likes so I guess I will continue to buy.

* * * * * Mikolaj by Mikolaj on 4th November 2014


* - - - - Luxury by Dee on 10th October 2014

Have to agree at 300g and more money for the same ingredients. Why would you want to buy this?

* - - - - Rip off by Martin on 1st August 2014

I like the chocolate, but what I dont like is when Companies get "smart" and put less content in the package and at the same time raise the Price.

* * - - - Interesting money making scheme by Matt Rothwell on 29th July 2014

I'm sure this product is the same as ever - good quality hot chocolate, but I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the marketing meeting where they decided how to make more money out of it... "easy! We'll just give them less product for more money!" 50g less hot chocolate for 50p more than the old packaging. Good work

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