Garden Party Oolong Loose Tea


Garden Party Oolong Loose Tea


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  • Description

    We're usually purists when it comes to oolong, but this floral and fruity blend is a celebration of everything we love about the tea's distinctive taste. Vibrant flavours of passionfruit highlight the roasted, nutty notes of the leaf, while pieces of papaya, strawberry and pineapple create layered shades of sweetness. We've finished the blend with a shower of orange marigold petals for a beautiful infusion. A tea to sip on balmy summer evenings.

  • Ingredients

    Oolong Tea, 5% Pineapple Pieces (pineapple, sugar), 5% Papaya Pieces (papaya, sugar), Flavourings, 1% Strawberry Pieces, Marigold Flowers

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    Gluten free

  • Reviews
    Smell sensation
    By Mylee from Stoke-On-Trent on 06/09/2019
    The first thing that's hits you is the intense smell, it's amazing! Was initially concerned that the taste would be too intense but it has a subtleness that refreshes without being too overpowering. Delicious, certainly found a new one to add to my collection!!!!
    You can never spend t...Oolong at a Garden Party!
    By Char lottie from in the garden, having a PARTYYYYY!! on 05/21/2019
    When I first tried this tea, my taste buds came alive. I felt so amazing all over my body! My life has changed since having this tea enter my life. I have 23 cups a day. Thank you Whittard for changing my life :)
    Gentle, subtly flavoured tea
    By Simon from Nottingham on 04/23/2019
    Very pleasant, gentle and refreshing. A nice fruitiness to counter the more bitter oolong flavour. Very enjoyable!
    By Debz from Reading on 04/23/2019
    A fruity refreshing tea... Love this... Smells and tastes amazing
    By Lewis from Stockport on 04/21/2019
    Wonderful mix of oolong tea with a pinch of peach and a lovely hint of strawberry making it a lovely drink on a hot summers afternoon
    Wonderful, subtle fruity tea
    By RuthDonev from Nottingham on 04/16/2019
    I was surprised at how subtle the fruity flavour was as papaya is often very overpowering. Due to the subtlety the flavour of the oolong shines though and is complimented by the fruit instead of playing second fiddle. Love it, as did my guests!
    Rich peachy taste
    By Gabi from Manchester on 04/06/2019
    Perfect oolong tea with a subtle hint of peachiness. The aroma is dreamy!
    Garden Party Oolong
    on 06/02/2018
    Absolutely gorgeous tea even got some to take on holiday with me.
    Garden Party Oolong
    on 01/18/2018
    Received great advice in your Glasgow store and made this purchase. Subtly fruity oolong tastes great with mainly the oolong coming through. Only need half a tea spoon for one cup.
    Garden Party Oolong
    on 01/18/2018
    Fabulous version of oolong tea the subtle fruit makes it more interesting. Excellent customer advice I'm your Glasgow store
    Garden Party Oolong
    By Jenny from Nottingham on 06/14/2019
    Fruit flavours complement the oolong taste pretty well. Very refreshing.
    Fruity and balanced
    By Greg from Birmingham on 06/08/2019
    I'm not usually a fan of Oolong teas but the fruitiness of this tea balanced nicely with the Oolong flavours.
    By Jasmatty from Colchester on 04/26/2019
    Enjoyed this tea which I received as a sample from the Ipswich store. It has a subtle fruitiness, would be refreshing on a warm day. Would definitely purchase in the future.
    Jammy and fresh
    By IanB from Reading on 04/23/2019
    As a rule I am less keen on flavoured teas but this one is a real fruity surprise. It brewed within a few minutes, wafting an enticing aroma of fruit and jam around the kitchen. This was evident in the taste - almost jam roly poly or other traditional fruit puddings. No bitterness, no aftertaste. Lovely.
    Very fruity
    By Hithfee from Lancashire on 04/16/2019
    Lots of aromatic fruit flavours coming through. Really enjoyed this tea, very refreshing.
    Not Bad
    By Grace from Nottingham on 04/16/2019
    Fruity and refreshing, not 100% sure it's my cup of tea but definitely one that could grow on me.
    Garden Party Oolong
    on 04/21/2018
    Best oolong out there. Perfectly light.




Vibrant and fruity, with notes of toasted almond


A handful of nuts will complement the sweetness and its subtle roasted notes




A typical royal garden party at Buckingham Palace will serve up to 27,000 cups of tea – we’ve numbered our Garden Party Oolong 27 from sheer amazement…

Brew the Perfect cup

Teaspoons (2 grams)


1 cup

200ml water

100 degrees


3-5 mins

Origin: China

The origins of tea lie in China: legend has it that it was discovered when a few leaves fell into the mythical emperor Shennong's cup of hot water. Today China produces thousands of different varieties ranging from black and green tea to more unusual teas, like puerh or yellow tea.


Poised between black and green tea, oolongs are semi-oxidised, bringing them part of the way towards a fully oxidised black tea before arresting the process with heat. This allows for a huge range of flavours: so-called "jade oolongs" are closer to green tea, while darker oolongs like Big Red Robe are rich with autumnal, nutty flavours and a roasted aroma.