Formosa Jade Oolong Loose Tea


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  • Format:
    • Loose Tea Pouch, 50g
    • Loose Tea Caddy, 50g

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  • Description

    Named for the beautiful jade green colour of the leaf, high-grown “jade oolongs” are known for their creamy, almost buttery taste, crafted with supreme skill by artisan tea tasters. We've sourced this particular variety from the township of Zhu Shan ("Bamboo Mountain") in Nantou County, one of the best tea-producing areas in Taiwan.

    Grown at high altitudes, our Jade Oolong has a sublimely light, floral quality, very different from roasted "dark" oolongs. The carefully controlled process of partial oxidation allows the leaves to develop a substantial flavour and a slightly fruity fragrance, while preserving the soft, silky taste and texture; and the tightly rolled tea pearls can be brewed multiple times.

  • Ingredients

    Oolong Tea

    Gluten free

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans




Silky smooth, with notes of fragrant peach blossom


With peaches to match the peachy aroma of Formosa Jade Oolong




The pantone code for the colour "Jade Green" is 16-0228, so we’ve added up 16 and 228 to make the number for this tea, 244.

Brew the Perfect cup

Teaspoons (2 grams)


1 cup

200ml water

90 degrees


3-5 mins

Origin: Taiwan

Taiwan has only been producing tea since the mid-17th century, but it's already become world-famous for its extraordinarily complex oolongs – from sweet and buttery varieties grown at high altitudes to darkly roasted oolongs with a robust, nutty taste.


Poised between black and green tea, oolongs are semi-oxidised, bringing them part of the way towards a fully oxidised black tea before arresting the process with heat. This allows for a huge range of flavours: so-called "jade oolongs" are closer to green tea, while darker oolongs like Big Red Robe are rich with autumnal, nutty flavours and a roasted aroma. Visit our oolong page to find out more.