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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

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Floral notes and mild lemon acidity...

In Ethiopia, coffee (known as ‘bunna’) plays an integral role in social and cultural life, not least in the elaborate ceremonies where the beans are roasted in huge metal pans over an open fire. 


Grown close to the home of the first coffee bean, the coffee grown around the tiny town of Yirgacheffe in Southern Ethiopia has an extraordinarily distinctive flavour profile, characterised by aromatic floral notes and mild lemon acidity. Wet-processed according to traditional methods, this light-bodied coffee has a silky smooth sweetness, winning it three gold stars in the 2012 Great Taste Awards. In the words of the judges? ‘Good Yirgacheffe fruit. Great peach flavour.’ We couldn’t agree more. 


The Great Taste Awards have been described as the Oscars of the food world—so you can imagine we were pretty chuffed when our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee won a gold star at this year’s awards. The judges praised its “gentle citrus” and “floral notes”.

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    Sweet, fruity and floral

Brew the perfect cup

  Got a syphon and want to impress some guests with your brewing bravado? This is the perfect coffee for it: its exceptionally clean finish will come through beautifully. It’s equally delicious made with a cafetière or a pour-over brewer like the V60. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * - Light and drinkable by R Ward on 3rd December 2016

I enjoyed this variety and it is easy to drink at all times of day....but is not my favourite which remains mocha Djimmah.

* * * * * Great for cold-brewing by Carole on 19th November 2015

I like the smoothness of this coffee, and find it tastes great either brewed hot using a filter grind in a cone, or brewed cold from cafetiere grinds. Makes a lovely iced coffee from the cold-brew concentrate and my partner says it is easier on his stomach this way too.

* * * * * Lovely coffee by Rose Bulfin on 20th May 2015

I don't like a strong coffee and this is so mellow, yet the taste of the coffee come through. I love ir.

* * * * - Strong and sweet by Nick on 13th April 2015

Probably not to everyones taste which makes it all the more perfect for me. A unique and elegant taste with an earthy smell. Really nice if you have a tasteful palette.

* * * * * Great coffee - dreadful delivery service! by Ann on 25th February 2015

We love this coffee - we have a machine that grinds the beans and then makes the coffee, so it is always fresh and smooth. However, I used the next day service for the first time (there was an offer running) - DON'T! Stick to normal post; UK Mail are a nightmare of incompetence and my next day delivery took 6 days!

* * * * * Review by Lavina Snoek on 17th March 2013

This coffee should NEVER be prepared using an espresso machine (see review 3), but instead with e.g. a stove-top coffee maker, a cafetiere, or ordinary coffee maker. Only then can the true taste be discovered.

* * * * - Smooth, Sweet & Earthy by Cara on 1st December 2012

Like the title says, I found this coffee smooth, sweet and earthy. Brewed for 4 minutes using a coffee ratio of 60g/1 litre it came out lovely - medium bodied, not in the least bitter with a subtle smokey/sweet earthiness not unlike beetroot. Great everyday coffee, very nice in the evening after work!

* * * * * Great quality by Sarah Hedley on 19th November 2012

Really smooth and has a gorgeous taste!

* - - - - Not my cup of tea! by S.Rogowski on 13th July 2012

Just attempted to make a lungo, then an espresso with this after buying a selection of different beans last weekend. Changed the grind & strength a few times & couldn't get it tasting even remotely coffee like. Tasted like i'd imagine the soil to taste after a cat has done it's business. Have put the rest of the beans in the bin. AWFUL

* * * * * Smooth by Emyr Williams on 14th March 2012

This is one of my favourite medium roast! its very smooth and silky. I find it best with quite a bit of mik with it it adds to the texture! if you havent tried it before then i highly suggest that you go out and get some!

* * * * * Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee by Mr R P Warwick on 8th February 2012

This is the most rewarding coffee to drink when you wish to relax and unwind. Helps me reflect on pleasant memories. Wonderful Coffee.

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Legend has it that the secret of the Arabica coffee bean was discovered by an Ethiopian goatherd back in 850AD. Noticing his goats seemed rather more frisky than usual, he tracked the cause to the small wild ‘cherries’ they’d been munching… Since then, coffee has been a central part of Ethiopian culture, not least in the elaborate ceremonies where the beans are roasted in huge metal pans over an open fire. Taste profiles can range from fragrant, delicate coffees with notes of citrus and bergamot, through to sweeter coffees with tones of candied and tropical fruit.

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