How to Make Iced Coffee

Hot weather doesn’t mean you have to give up your daily brew. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to whip up a delicious iced coffee – stock that freezer!

What’s Iced Coffee and How Does It Differ to Cold Brew Coffee?

Iced coffee is brewed as normal and then cooled over ice, whereas cold brew coffee isn’t exposed to heat; it’s all about using time to extract the coffee’s flavours. Fancy experimenting with cold brew coffee too? Check out our Guide to Cold Brew Coffee.

How Do You Make Iced Coffee?

Espresso Shot

Brew 1 espresso shot


Load a glass with ice

Pour over coffee

Pour over coffee once cooled


Add cold milk if desired

  • Brew a shot of espresso using 18g ground coffee and 35ml freshly boiled water. Allow it to cool.
  • Load a glass with ice.
  • Pour over your cooled coffee.
  • Top up with cold milk if desired.

What Are the Best Coffees to Use for Iced Coffee?

The first step to ace iced coffee is choosing your beans – and since cold coffee releases different flavour compounds from hot coffee, it’s a decision that can make all the difference. We recommend light roasts for cold brew, and darker roasts for iced coffee with milk.

The Perfect Equipment

…means the perfect brew, and we’ve got all you need to make your iced coffee truly exceptional.

Brew It




Drink It


Nova Glass


Iced Mocha Recipe

Just when you thought iced coffee couldn’t get any better, we added chocolate to it. The result? A lusciously smooth, richly refreshing drink that’ll brighten up your morning and ease you through the afternoon.

Choco Rooibos

Prep Time

10 minutes


Super easy



If you make a cafetière of coffee in the morning, why not save some and pop it in the fridge? (You'll thank yourself later…) With so many coffees and hot chocolates to choose from, there's plenty of scope for subtly different flavour combinations – get experimenting!