Father's Day Gift Guide

This Father's Day, treat your Dad to a thoughtful gift; one that's tailored to his passions, that will be savoured and enjoyed, that shows him how much you care. As experts in the finest tea, coffee and hot chocolate a Whittard gift is guaranteed to please. Read on for the ultimate Father's Day gift guide.

Discerning Dads

Whittard of Chelsea Coffee Hamper

For the Dad who enjoys the finer things in life, gift him with the ultimate in luxury - when only the finest of presents will do.

Adventure Seekers

Coffees of the World

Surprise him with exciting flavours from around the world, with unusual and exotic treats to tantalise his tastebuds

Gadget Lovers

Coffee Dripper

Gizmos to entertain and excite even the most gadget-obsessed of fathers. A fun and functional way to improve his brews!


Our Hot Chocolate Heaven Selection Tin alongside our Dualit Milk Frother

Treats for the sweet-toothed among us, these hot chocolates are the epitome of indulgence.

Tea Masters

Classic Whittard Teas

As lover of the finest brews, this Dad deserves to be treated like royal-tea.

Coffee Connoisseurs

Coffee Dripper

For the caffeine-obsessed who take their coffee seriously, we have a delectable selection of authentic coffees from around the world.