Frui-tea Ice Pops

Frui-tea Ice Pops Recipe


20 minutes + 4–6 hours freezing


Super easy



Fun to whip up (and even better to eat), our naturally caffeine-free ice lollies are perfect for keeping the kids – and the young at heart – occupied and hydrated while staying at home.

6 heaped tsp Very Berry Crush Fruit Infusion

600ml freshly boiled water

1 dstspn sugar (alternatively, try stevia, agave or apple juice)

Ice lolly mould and wooden sticks

  1. Brew the infusion in the freshly boiled water for 15 minutes and strain.
  2. Add sugar if desired and taste – if you've got a sweet tooth, feel free to add a little more.
  3. Pour into an ice lolly mould and place in the freezer for 1–1.5 hours.
  4. Add wooden ice lolly sticks as liquid starts to become hard, then return to freezer.
  5. Remove when completely frozen and enjoy.

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