Teas To Treat Body And Mind

A new year can be a great way to add healthy new habits into your routine. It doesn’t always need to be big changes – if you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle, lots of little changes can have a real impact on your health. One of the easiest (and tastiest!) little changes you can make in the new year is to try one of the following Whittard green tea blends or infusions.

Exploring our infusions and green teas, combined with a healthy diet, is a great way to pack your body with the vital antioxidants it needs to be at its best. Unfortunately, drinking one cup of green tea won’t change you overnight, but by starting a healthy new habit you can over time reap the rewards. Green teas and infusions, combined with increased exercise and a bit of meditation every day, will make you feel fresh and ready to face the new year.

Try some of our favourites for the new year; with cold weather and a long two months until Spring begins, these teas and infusions are bound to put a fresh bounce in your step.

Warming infusions

Warming Infusion

Cosy up with our Warming loose-leaf infusion with fiery ginger, which is great for digestion, antioxidant-rich golden turmeric and dark, calming liquorice. Our Warming blend has been created to add a spring in your step and relight the fire that January and February can so easily put out.

Warm up today
Fight Fatigue

Milk Oolong

Enjoy our unique Milk Oolong, grown in the Taiwanese highlands. It's heated and rolled using traditional methods, creating a sweet creamy flavour as well as generating a host of antioxidants. Our Milk Oolong tea benefits from being a delicious way to fight tiredness and awaken the senses during the dark cold days of winter.

Fight Fatigue
Warming infusions

Mango and Bergamot

Brighten up with our Mango and Bergamot tea. These high-quality Chinese green tea leaves are picked in early Spring, steamed, and rolled to maintain their flavour, acting as a great source of polyphenols and flavonoids, giving you a bounce in the morning. These leaves are mixed with mango and bergamot, creating a flavour that dances across your tongue. All topped with blue cornflower petals this green tea is delicious and beautiful.

Bounce Back
Fight Fatigue

Berry Elixir

Immerse yourself in our Berry Elixir loose herbal tea, with its dark body of berries and warming winter spices. This infusion has been crafted to keep away those winter chills. In this blend we have antioxidant filled elderberries, rosehip and echinacea. These berries dance across the tongue with fiery ginger and warming apple, bringing you some fantastic flavours of autumn and winter.

Ward off the chills

Kick off your New Year with any one of these delightful teas and discover the energizing power of green tea and nature's selection of berries and herbs.

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