Covent Garden Blend Loose Tea


Covent Garden Blend Loose Tea


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    • Loose Tea Pouch, 100g
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  • Description
    We were inspired by the sights and scents of Covent Garden market to craft this delicate blend of Ceylon tea, layered with hints of peach and apricot. As a homage to Covent Garden's blossoming history as a fruit and flower market we've added a glorious cascade of petals, from cornflowers to bright safflowers and marigolds – it's a little cup of metropolitan paradise.
  • Ingredients

    Black Tea, Flavourings, 4% Marigold, Safflower and Cornflower Petals

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegan

    Gluten free

  • Reviews
    Pleasantly surprised
    By Ashtongate from Bristol on 06/30/2019
    What a surprise. A slight peach aroma but a taste I can't quite put my finger on. Very refreshing hot or cold; I was reading and forgot about it. I haven't tried it with milk but it might spoil it.
    Gorgeous summer drink
    By Teapig from Southend on 06/23/2019
    On opening the sample, the smell was delicious. The flower petals added a lovely touch of colour too. The tea was refreshing and aromatic - just perfect for a Summer afternoon. Will definitely try this as an iced tea too.
    Refreshing delicious tea
    By Fab from Southbourne on 06/23/2019
    Delicious tea, light and refreshing, perfect for the summer season. Love the look and smell of the loose tea, used 1 tsp for a small pot which gave me one and a half mugs of tea. Perfect for a summer Sunday afternoon.
    Covent Garden Blend 62
    By Tricia from Basingstoke on 06/21/2019
    I thoroughly enjoyed this blend with its subtle notes of peach and apricot. I shall certainly include with my next order.
    Fruity and floral
    By Shaz from Wirral on 06/20/2019
    Nice fruity tea but not too sweet lovely floral aroma my dad loved it
    Lovely Fruity Tea
    By SueD from Reading on 06/15/2019
    I really enjoyed this tea which has a delicate peach flavour.
    Refreshing cup of tea
    By Monkey from Co Durham on 06/10/2019
    We received this as a sample and it didn't disappoint. Fresh, fruity tasting.
    Floral and fruity
    By Robert from Nottingham on 05/20/2019
    I received this as a sample in the Nottingham store. I don't generally drink black tea but I was pleasantly surprised by this mix. The cornflower adds a nice colour as well as delicate flavours. I was glad that the tea was not overly bitter and an almost peachy fruity flavour cut through as a lasting aftertaste. Overall a refreshing tea to drink hot - I may now even try it over ice to see how it is cold.
    Pleasantly surprised
    By SANDRA from NOTTINGHAM on 05/14/2019
    Was sceptical as not had Black Tea before, was given this in my Nottingham store as a sample to try. This will be added to my growing collection for sure! Lovely flavours and not too strong but not weak neither. Was able to have at least 2 good cups out of the sample.
    By Jack from Durham on 05/10/2019
    As my first loose leaf tea, it provided a great fruity, floral taste whilst still giving the kick of black tea.
    A refreshing brew
    By Busy Lizzy from Worksop on 05/09/2019
    I tried a sample of this tea from the Nottingham shop. This is so light and refreshing with a hint of fruity notes - tastes amazing (it also looks pretty in the pack with the cornflowers). Tried a second brew from the leaves and this was also good (but not quite as fruity as the first brew). It's lovely!!! It may also work as an Iced Tea in the summer too!!! Will definitely be buying this next time I'm in store; it's going to be a staple of our tea cupboard from now on!!! : )
    By Jess from Nottingham on 05/02/2019
    Fruity but not overpowering. Would highly recommend as an everyday tea.
    Delightfully Floral
    By Bron from Birmingham on 04/29/2019
    A delicate floral tea with a hint of the refreshingly bitter black tea as an undertone. Perfect for lovers of Earl Grey to try something new, or a perfectly balanced afternoon tea.
    Gorgeous fruity tea
    By Charlotte from Nottingham on 04/25/2019
    Lovely black tea, fruity without being overwhelming. Will definitely try again!
    Easy drinking, peachy tea
    By Bekah from Wolverhampton on 04/25/2019
    This tea smells and tastes wonderful, it's a delightfully peachy black tea, making it very easy to drink. I'll definitely be putting this tea on my mental wish list, and be purchasing more soon!
    Fruity tasty loose tea
    By Kath from Darlingotn on 04/17/2019
    Refreshing fruity tea, flavoursome but not overwhelming
    Natural sweetness
    By Charlotte from Ipswich on 04/14/2019
    I love the smell of this tea before you brew it. Once brewed you have a lovely golden tea with a gorgeous natural sweetness, which isn't too sweet. I love peach tea and this definitely has a peach tang. Will be picking up a caddy of this very soon.
    Wonderfully aromatic tea
    By Penandpaper from West Bromwich on 04/14/2019
    The first thing that hits when you open the container is the wonderful aroma of peach. The tea itself is a refreshing blend, with hints of fruit but without it being overpowering.
    It's a tea that I would highly recommend.
    Delicious perfumed blend
    By Simes from Aylesbury on 04/06/2019
    A striking aroma hits you as you take your first sip. A rich and dense flavour of summer fruits, comforting yet refreshing then hits the palette. Last time I had a tea as memorable as this was in Tasmania!
    Wish This Was Available In Teabags
    By Loose Caddy from Gloucestershire on 12/12/2018
    I love this tea so much, but wish I could buy teabags as well to take to work. rnrnSurprised because I'm not a fruit tea fan.
    By Daily Tea from Portsmouth on 11/02/2018
    This tea is absolutely breathtaking. Every sip brings joy to my taste buds. I love a great big mug of it.
    Lovely for a sunny afternoon
    By Tea and a book from Reading on 07/12/2019
    When the packet was opened the most delicious and aromatic smell wafted out. Very colourful and the tastes blend together well. Just wish the taste of flower came through a bit more than the other tastes.
    Smooth black tea.
    By Julie from Nottingham on 07/10/2019
    Smooth flavour. Black tea is often too harsh to drink with out milk. But this was pleasant to drink with and with outmilk.Using half the sample provided to make one pot of tea.Brewed quite a strong tea. Pleasent scented aroma. Slight perfume flavour but not over powering. Didnt recognise the peachy notes suggested but did taste flowery tones.
    Surprising pleasant taste
    By Janet from Nottingham on 06/18/2019
    Received this sample in the Nottingham store. From the appearance I thought it would have quite a floral taste but the tea was surprisingly refreshing and enjoyable.
    Wonderfully refreshing
    By Joppers from Berkshire on 06/09/2019
    Received this as a free gift when visiting the Reading store. The smell is amazing. Very refreshing and will be lovely in the summer when it is hot. Interesting to see what it will be like slightly chilled.
    Great pick-me-up
    By Ruth from Nottingham on 05/10/2019
    This is quite a strong black tea but with a lovely fruity floral flavour - great for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up.
    Light and floral
    By Sam from NOTTINGHAM on 04/26/2019
    This was a really nice light and floral tea; perfect without milk and quite refreshing on a hot day. I thought it was a bit like Earl Grey but not as flowery
    Sample, really light
    By Ryan from BILSTON on 04/24/2019
    The smell is amazing, and intense. The flavour was a bit more subtle than I expected but was still a nice cup!
    By Crocket from Derbyshire on 07/06/2019
    Although evidence of petals can be seen in the sachet, the taste of the drink is not far removed from straight forward black tea. On closer inspection, I can see how small the petals actually are and that there is in fact quite a gathering of petal dust at the bottom of the sachet.


Black Tea


Peach and apricot


Meringues and fresh cream




You'll find our Covent Garden store in the Jubilee Hall – on the very site where Samuel Pepys saw Britain's first recorded Punch and Judy show. That was back in 1662, so we've given this tea the number 62 as a nod to a staple of British culture…

Brew the Perfect cup

Teaspoons (2 grams)


1 cup

200ml water

100 degrees


2-3 mins

Origin: Blended

Ever since our founder Walter Whittard weighed out tea leaves behind his high mahogany counter, we've been experimenting with our own inventive blends. Today you'll find extraordinary creativity in our collection, from unique twists on classics like English Breakfast to more inventive blends laden with fruit and flowers.

Black Tea

Fully oxidised for a rich, robust flavour, black tea is the most popular type of tea in the western world – and for good reason. Its full body and depth of flavour make many black teas ideal for drinking with a splash of milk, while more delicate varieties like Darjeeling express a huge range of complex characteristics.