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22nd July 2014 by Whittard

Cold Brew: Pure and Simple

Are you a tea purist who wouldn't dream of tainting the delicate flavour of your favourite tea with milk or sugar? Who will only use a teabag under duress? If so, let us introduce you to the joys of cold brew. It's a simple way to create a cool, refreshing version of your favourite loose leaf tea,  which is smooth and mellow and really delivers the true flavour. 

Our cold brew bottle cleverly incorporates a filter, so you can just serve pure cool tea straight from the bottle. 

How to make the perfect cold brew tea:

1) Add 20g of your favourite loose leaf tea - we highly recommend Silver Needle, Mango and Bergamot and Dragonwell Long Jing. NB fruit and herbal infusions are not suitable for use with cold brew.

2) Fill the bottle to the mark with cold water.

3) Add the lid/spout

4) Let the tea brew in the fridge for 3-6 hours

5) Serve and enjoy 

cold brew

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17th July 2014 by Whittard

Iced Tease: Moji-Tea

How about a twist on a classic Mojito - light, refreshing and ever so cool. Incorporating Morning Reviver infusion



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17th July 2014 by Whittard

Iced Tease: Pimms Iced Tea

English Breakfast tea Pimms, not natural bedfellows you might think but you'd be surprised. This iced tea is a refreshing mix combining the rich, smooth flavours of our best-selling tea with mint, citrus and a dash of classic Pimms. 

pimms iced tea

You can also try out our Apple, Elderflower and Vanilla Twist, Very Berry Pomegranate Punch and Safari recipes. Do let us know if you discover any heavenly combinations. 

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17th July 2014 by Whittard

Iced Tease: Safari

Here's another iced tea recipe to help you enjoy a balmy evening in the garden - flavoured with apple, caramel and ginger and honey rooibos tea - just divine!

safari recipe

For more tempting recipes try Apple, Elderflower and Vanilla Twist or Very Berry Pomegranate Punch  and why not share your own tantalising concoctions? 

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15th July 2014 by Whittard

Iced Tease: Very Berry Pomegranate Punch

This summer we're all about iced tea and not just any iced tea - the TEA-JAY gives lets you combine tea, fruit, syrup and ice to invent deliciously refreshing iced tea creations and deliver them in a way that is sure to impress and delight your friends and family.  

Here's another recipe packed with ice cool fruity flavour made with Berry Fruit infusion

very berry recipe

Plus a reminder on how to use the Tea-Jay 

tea jay instructions

Here is another of our recipes, let us know what iced tea creations you've made with your Tea-Jay

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