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Luxury White Hot Chocolate

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Think of it as a cocoa butter snowstorm...

When the tradition of drinking chocolate first took hold of London society in the 17th century, early aficionados had no idea what lay in store. It was hundreds of years before white chocolate finally arrived on sweet-shop shelves – not long after, Whittard went and reinvented the hot chocolate flavour wheel with its famous white hot chocolate.

Brimming with buttery sweetness, this much-loved classic calls for a mountain of whipped cream and an avalanche of marshmallows.  


  • Cups per 100g


Brew the perfect cup

Spoon 3 heaped teaspoons (20g) into a mug or cup, maybe a couple more if you’re feeling decadent. Gently heat approximately 200ml of milk and pour onto the chocolate, stirring thoroughly.

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35 Reviews

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * * Just beautiful by Nicola on 30th May 2018

I've tried most of the hot chocolates from here but this is the one I always come back to. When made with hot milk it's just the creamiest hot chocolate ever without being sickly. Can't praise this enough

* * * * * Simply the best by HP on 10th February 2018

The best white hot chocolate I have ever tasted. I’ve also found that if you make a little up & put it into your coffee you get something rather special! It’s also great on my desert if I make a small amount & a little thicker..!

* * * * * IM GONNA DIE IF I DONT HAVE MORE! by Awel on 9th January 2018

legit the BEST hot chocolate of ALL TIME ! its so nice ! dont add water tho ! it gets rid of the creamyness i can drink a gallon of it ...if i didnt eat because is filling with only milk but its worth it ! ITS INCREDIBLE,if i had too choose a way to die it with be drowning in this amazing beverage !

* * * * * So tasty by Kyle on 8th January 2018

Probably the best hot chocolate I have ever had (and I gave some do my grandad who hates hot chocolate and he loved it too). And I would just like to say the 3 star rating a few ratings above would be a 5 star too. If someone could read the label stating that warm milk should be used not water. Also the rocky Road one is good too.

* * * * * A little bit of heaven by Keira on 7th January 2018

After having a taster in store, this hot chocolate is most definitely the best one ever tasted. It’s like you’ve melted a milky bar into hot milk! Amazing

* * * * * So lovely - a must try if you like white chocolate. by Louise on 5th January 2018

I fell in love with this after a tasting event at Covent Garden it tastes so rich and decadent without being toothachingly sweet. Gorgeous. A ‘must try’ if you haven’t and a ‘must drink’ if you like white chocolate.

* * * * * On par with Thornton’s by Melisa on 29th December 2017

Love love love it!! I couldn’t get enough of Thornton’s takeout white hot chocolate and didn’t think it would be possibly to get it at home but Whittards have done it!! You have to indulge and buy the marshmallows to top it off. Such a treat each night :)

* * * * * Amazing by Hannah on 28th December 2017

I got the set of white and milk hot chocolate for Christmas and i just handed the family a hot mug of this with the Whittard marshmallows and it went down a treat, so smooth and creamy it is just like eating a great quality white chocolate bar! I am dreading this running out, gonna have to bulk order some more!! LOVE IT!!!!

* * * * * The best white Hot Choc EVER by Sarah Tsopanis on 8th December 2017

Always Always with HOT milk.. never use water to make. It’s delicious. Recommended to everyone I know and meet

* * * * * Delicious by Hefin on 3rd December 2017

Absolutely delicious a must have or try always make hot chocolate with warmed milk. It’s totally wrong to make it with water all kinds of hot chocolate.

* * * * * White Hot coco by Mary barton on 8th November 2017

My daughter had this from her dad's gift set best hot chocolate ever tasted she said

* * * - - Cadburys wannabe by Puluu on 3rd November 2017

It's OK I had it this morning like I filled up the cup with warm water and put in a drop of milk and it tasted all powdery. Like it's meant to be a liquid. It tasted good but I think it just wanted to be cadburys but it wasn't quite as good. You would get 2 stars if my cat didn't love it as much

* * * * * No.1 by Barbara on 22nd October 2017

Best white chocolate ever!

* * * * * Amazing by Leanne ellis on 21st September 2017

Best white hot chocolate I have ever tasted!. Bought as a treat, worth every penny.

* * * * * Nicest I've ever had by Charlotte Billsberry on 20th April 2017

Nicest hot chocolate I've ever had! No need to add sugar as it's sweet enough on it own, not overpowering either! Will definitely be buying this again!!!!

* * * * * Best I've ever had! by Sarah Tsopanis on 3rd April 2017

Absolutely the best hot chocolate ever.....everrrrrrrrr. I have it piping hot made with full fat milk.

* * * * * Amazing kids love it by Lucy on 16th March 2017

Fab kids love it especially before bed

* * * * * My favourite by Jasmien Eerdekens - Hajdinjak on 11th February 2017

This hot chocolate is just amazing!

* * * * * perfect!!! by Mogeun Cheon on 30th January 2017

It's just perfect.

* * * * * White Hot Chocolate 10/10 by Carla on 1st December 2016

By far the best hot chocolate I have had in England. Trying some new flavours as soon as my order arrives.

* * * * * Out of this world by Anneka on 25th November 2016

After, let's say, a Bad Experience with white hot chocolate in the past, I wasn't massively confident I'd like this, but man was I wrong!! It's super sweet but somehow it totally works and isn't overpowering. Probably my favourite hot chocolate you guys do, which surprised me too!

* * * * * Best ever by Wendy Hodge on 24th November 2016

I love this white chocolate it is creamy and lovely with fresh cream and marshmallows. My family has it all the time

* * * * * Luxurious and creamy by Mel on 21st November 2016

I am not normally a fan of hot chocolate, but having sampled this in the store its a lovely creamy hot chocolate, and doesn't taste too rich and sickly. A lovely treat at the end of the day

* * * * * Yummy treat by Denise Vince on 10th November 2016

I didn't think Iiked hot chocolate but I hadn't tried this it's delicious very creamy and soothing a real tread after a long day at work

* * * * * Amazing by Sophie Sawbridge on 7th July 2016

This is the most creamy thick hot chocolate I've tasted in a long time. It's delicious really great quality and taste. This would be prefect sat in from of a real fire snuggled up in blankets. It's pure happiness in a cup.

* * * * * Amazing, Absolutely Amazing by Steven Deacon on 6th April 2016

This is the most amazing white hot chocolate I have ever had the pleasure to drink , and only surpassed my Whitards own Cherry Bakewell White Hot Chocolate, Bravo Whittards , Bravo!

* * * * - Smooth and creamy by Suki on 5th February 2016

I was amazed at how creamy this was, I'd never been a huge fan of hot chocolate but I'd never had this before. I made my first mug as per the instructions ......delicious and surprisingly thick, like a hot white chocolate and vanilla milkshake. My only gripe is that it's quite sweet, hence 4 stars, but it's not too sweet, it would never have occurred to me that a drink this morerish was possible . I purchased it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised, it arrived this morning, only 36 hrs after ordering and I'm already on my 3rd mug. I can't get enough.

* * * * * Scrumptious by Sarah Nimmo on 2nd November 2015

Best hot chocolate on the market. High cocoa content, smooth ,creamy and deliciously chocolatety . Loved by all the family.

* * * * * To die for by Christine watson on 22nd February 2015

Had this in Malta last October for the first time. My husband bought it to drink, as I don't drink hot drinks, but I was cold so I tried it. I loved it and bought one every day of our holiday thought it was to die for I ordered some the minute I got home, and have tried some of the other flavours too. You won't be disappointed. Now I have a hot chocolate most days

* * * * - Tasty, definitely a treat. by Julie Dawn on 24th January 2015

First bought this as a valentines gift, We love it, a real treat after wintertime snowy walks, or with added cream liqueur if feeling really decadent, Two problems, no store near me so buying online is dearer and the price is higher than it used to be but the contents weigh less now.

* * * * * Luxury hot chocolate by Anne McWilliam on 4th January 2015

Bought this for my daughter and grandson who both love this white chocolate, unfortunately the nearest Whittards is York so had to buy online!!!

* * * * * Luxury White Hot Chocolate by Colin G on 29th December 2014

Perfection, if I could give 6 stars I would.

* * * * * Scrumptious by Nikki Farrell on 4th December 2014

We tried this in the Covent Garden Store last Saturday and it was like heaven on your tongue! I immediately purchased it! It is very decadent and it could just be pure contentment but a cup of this before bed and I slept so well. :) It is delicious. Thank you Whittards

* * * * * Amazing! by Louise on 25th November 2014

Definitely the nicest white hot chocolate I've found! Creamy but not too thick.

* * * * * Wonderfully decadent! by Emily Lancaster on 16th August 2014

This is my favourite of the hot chocolates available from Whittard's (the Christmas praline white comes a very close second though). It is rich and creamy but not overpoweringly sweet or sickly. Fabulous for warming up by the fire after a walk through the snow. Highly recommended!

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A note from Whittard

“I’m big on flavour fusions, so I’d say my two favourite hot chocolates were Rocky Road and Crème Brûlée Flavour White Hot Chocolate.”

- Kylie, Exeter Store Manager
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