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Dark Chocolate

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Brace yourself for a tea that’s truly indulgent. As food pairings go, we think chocolate with tea is one of the best—so we couldn’t resist combining the two flavours in a cup.
We’ve blended black tea from India and Indonesia with a (very) generous helping of cocoa nibs, creating a tea that’s full-bodied, aromatic and seriously chocolatey. It’s just the thing for a sugar-free chocolate fix—which might explain why our marketing team kept asking for extra samples…
  • Tastes like

        Chocolate truffle smooth and sweet.

Brew the perfect cup

Add one teaspoon (around 2g) of loose leaf tea per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Best enjoyed without milk.

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Write a Review
* * * * * Very very good by Nikki on 16th February 2018

As a huge black tea fan, this tea is my second favourite to English Breakfast, but this one can be drank without milk which is a bonus when I want a break from milk, and has such a lovely creamy chocolatey flavour to it. Very delicious! and virtually calorie free yay!

* * * * * This tea is SO indulgent! by Stephanie on 1st February 2018

This tea is amazing! This tea is elegant and smooth and I could drink cup after cup! Some reviews I read before buying complained that this tea was not choclatey enough, but I have found it to be exactly what I was expecting! If you are expecting a cup of hot chocolate, you will be disappointed (spoiler alert, Whittard sell actual hot chocolate so there is no need to despair!) if, however, you are expecting a strong and smooth black tea, with a subtle hint of chocolate (and an ever so delicate fruity undertone), than this tea is perfect for you! I added a generous bit of milk (as I like my tea) after tasting it black and feel the milk helped bring out the chocolate flavour. So happy I purchased this tea! I just hope my husband doesn’t grow jealous of this tall, dark, and handsome date!

* * * * * Beautiful by Maria Nowak on 21st January 2018

My new favourite - complex taste and charming aroma - for any time if the day and ...night

* * * * * Delicious by Jess on 30th November 2017

I drink this every day in the office - people comment that it smells like someone is drinking hot chocolate! The chocolate flavour is subtle but comes through well. It's not a sweet tea which appeals to me, as I find some flavoured teas can be too sweet. I will be repurchasing when I run out!

* * * * * Lots of flavour by Erika on 10th November 2017

Visited brighton whittard today 9 Nov and pleasantly happy with tea aromas bought this one for the choc taste and smell good. The assistant was helpful. Thanks.

* * * * * My new favourite by Trace on 6th September 2017

A really smooth full flavoured tea, love the dark chocolate taste. I usually like milk in my black tea but because this has a smooth well rounded taste - I can enjoy this one black. Returned to Whittards today to buy more of this tea :-)

* * * * * Authentic cocoa taste by Silvio on 29th July 2017

It's the best idea in tea & chocolate in recent years. It adds to tea the real cocoa taste, which is not as highly aromatic as we use to think, but a more suble one.

* * - - - A little disapointed by Laurette on 6th May 2017

I'm a tea lover and a chocolate lover so I expected a lot of this one but I was a little disapointed. It's not so bad to drink but I was expecting a really sweat. It's not a chocolate that brings you back to childhood but a strong cocoa bean.

* * * - - Smells of chocolate, taste not so much by Lee Clift on 6th May 2017

Unfortunately I wasn't a fan of this, it smelt delicious; but unfortunately, I found the taste didn't live up to the aroma.

* * * * * Smells & Tastes great by Ian Braddock on 1st April 2017

The smell is so very very chocolatey but also fruity due to the cocoa nibs. The taste is quite light and fruity too.

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