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White Peony

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Our signature white tea from China's famous Fujian Province.

Known for its subtly sweet and refreshing taste, white tea is made from the youngest two leaves and a bud from each bush and experiences very little processing: the leaves are simply dried in the sun, or inside to control temperature and humidity.

White tea was first developed in China's Fujian Province during the Qing Dynasty, and specific tea bush cultivars were being planted towards the end of the 19th century. Our signature White Peony or 'Bai Mu Tan' tea was first created in Fujian Province in 1922: the downy leaves are harvested at the very start of spring, and lightly dried to stop the process of oxidation. Unlike black or green teas, there's no twisting, rolling or even steaming - the leaves are barely touched, to maintain that exquisite delicacy of taste and floral sweetness.


  • Tea Type

    White Tea

  • Origin


  • Taste Profile

    Floral, Refreshing

  • Tastes like

    Sublimely delicate, with the sweetness of a ripe cantaloupe melon

  • Food pairing

    Something light so as not to overpower the tea

  • When to drink

    Beautiful mid-morning

Brew the perfect cup

Add two teaspoons (around 4g) of loose leaf tea per cup and use freshly drawn water heated to around 80 degrees. For the ideal temperature either pour the water before it reaches boiling point or allow the water to sit for 3-5 minutes after boiling. Allow to brew for 2-3 minutes according to taste. Best enjoyed without milk.

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5 Reviews

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Write a Review
* * * * * Go to tea by David Tapper on 9th May 2018

White tea with peony is my regular beverage at home during the day. It's my first drink of the day and is a perfect way to wake up. It has a light, slightly aromatic flavour which needs to be nurtured with the correct water temperature. It really is worth the effort.

* * * * * Delicate and refreshing by Anna on 21st February 2018

My favourite current tea! I love the light, delicate flavour and will drink it anytime of day. Love leaf is my preferred choice - it's tastes divine and you can top up the leaves!

* * * * * DELICATE & EXCELLENT ANTIOXIDANT TEA by Keely Beresford on 16th October 2016

Whittard's White Peony really is a wonderful example of White Tea at a reasonable price. As long as you ensure it is never placed in boiling water but at around 80 degrees instead and only left in for about 3 minutes, you will get the most satisfying cup of tea. It truly is excellent after any meal or throughout the day. A very clean tea.

* * - - - Low Quality White Peony by Matt on 14th October 2016

Looks and feels like small confetti. Very sensitive to brewing time and temperature. Taste is light and more 'green' than 'white', but nothing special. If you want a white tea, I'd suggest looking away from Whittards.

Reply from Whittard, 17th October 2016

"Dear Matt

Thank you for your review which I have approved today. I'm sorry you didn't like the White Peony but remember with our taste guarantee you can return it for replacement or refund.


Daniel Clear
Custome Services Supervisor"

* * * * * Very delicate by Cristina Borelli on 2nd September 2016

Tea with a very delicate taste. I prefer to drink it in the evening.

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The Chinese invented paper, gunpowder and the compass. But their finest innovation has to be tea, reputedly first discovered by the emperor Shen Nong in 2737 BCE. Originally prepared as a medicinal brew, tea became a drink in its own right during the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE), and today China produces thousands of different varieties ranging from black, green and white tea to oolong, puerh and yellow tea. If you’re looking for a bit of teatime reading take a look at Lu Yu’s ‘Tea Classic’: first written in 780 CE, it covers everything from cultivation methods to tea etiquette…

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We've given our White Peony tea the number 3 – that's the number of parts in the picking of the leaf, the youngest two leaves and a bud from each bush.

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