1886 Loose Tea


1886 Loose Tea


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  • Description
    Inspired by the type of tea enjoyed in Victorian London when Walter Whittard opened his first shop, we've blended whole leaves from Indonesian Camellia assamica tea bushes with those processed using the CTC (“crush, tear, curl”) technique, creating a hearty, full-bodied and flavoursome brew. Our expertly crafted 1886 Blend has a real taste of authenticity – moreish and malty, we love it with a splash of milk at breakfast.
  • Ingredients

    Black Tea.

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Reviews
    A Rich Morning Blend
    By Ronnie from Cardiff on 10/10/2018
    An excellent black tea, rich and ideal for starting the day. So much more than your average breakfast blend.
    Starting the day well
    By Goldeneye from Norwich on 11/18/2018
    Delicious morning tea. Flavours of Autumn, fruity and deep. A quick-to-brew treat to start the day.
    Great brew!
    By Ben from London on 10/13/2018
    Delicious breakfast tea with a strong body, one of the best I've tried.
    A superb blend!
    By B from Glasgow on 10/13/2018
    With sweet notes and a smoothness that resembles Puerh this is a fantastic black tea for your your everyday life.
    1886 Tea Review
    By Teanut from London Town on 11/01/2018
    Whittard's 1886 is a very nice black tea. It brews quickly, it's not too rich and it packs plenty of flavour and texture. Great with half a spoon of sugar. A four minute brewing time is perfect for this blend. Highly recommended for all fans of black loose leaf tea.
    By Swampyjo from Norwich on 11/03/2018
    Lovely black tea, if you are a fan of black tea its a must try in my books
    My first foray into loose leaf tea
    By Sasha from Buckinghamshire on 10/26/2018
    As the title says, I don't have a lot to compare it to but it had a much fresher taste to my usual teabags. I enjoyed it.
    Better as cold brew
    By Jazzy67 from Dumfries on 10/16/2018
    Tried hot and cold brewed. Hot brew was a little light on depth of flavour, overpowered by tannin for my taste. Cold brew lessened tannins and allowed more complex flavours to come through.
    Well rounded brew
    By Dreamer from UK on 10/30/2018
    Warming golden brew, but be very careful with your timing as it can overbrew fairly quickly. A well rounded blend without an overpowering ingredient/spice. Good for when accompanying food as it will work with it rather than take over.
    Perfect Classic Brew
    By B.D from Oxford on 11/01/2018
    This is a classic tasting black leaf tea. It's the perfect upgrade to your old tea bag tea. It has a lovely bold, deep flavour with a hint of floral tones. It would make a perfect breakfast tea to get you going in the morning, or I think would pair wonderfully with a sweet treat in the afternoon.
    Same but different!
    By Emmpllu from Glasgow on 10/18/2018
    Not too different from usual tea....but tasted like quality tea, crisp and not too strong.


Black Tea


Dark, strong and designed for a dash of milk


A good hearty breakfast




It was easy to choose the number for this tea – 86, the year Walter Whittard opened the doors of his Fleet Street store over a century ago…

Brew the Perfect cup

Teaspoons (2 grams)


1 cup

200ml water

100 degrees


3-5 mins

Origin: Indonesia

The tea gardens of Java were originally planted by the Dutch in the 1700s. Tea from the region has similar strength and taste to full-bodied Assam, making it perfect for breakfast blends.

Black Tea

Fully oxidised for a rich, robust flavour, black tea is the most popular type of tea in the western world – and for good reason. Its full body and depth of flavour make many black teas ideal for drinking with a splash of milk, while more delicate varieties like Darjeeling express a huge range of complex characteristics.