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Monsoon Malabar Coffee

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The perfect after dinner drink...


One of India’s finest coffees, Monsoon Malabar is also one of the best loved coffees in our range. Exceptionally smooth with a sweet, spicy kick, this coffee is unique to the lush Malabar Coast of Karnataka and Kerala, where it has protected status. Exposed for months on end, the Typica varietal Arabica beans are washed to a pale gold by the steamy storms of the monsoon season - the secret behind this coffee’s distinctive taste profile.
Monsoon Malabar’s unique process of exposure was discovered by chance back in the 16th century, as spice ships transported the beans back across the seas to Europe. Stored deep within the hold, the damp, humid conditions caused the beans to swell, neutralising any acidity and producing a deep, heavy sweetness - an immediate hit with Europeans.
Today, this coffee is drunk the world over, its beautiful mellow smoothness making it the perfect after dinner drink. Now available in one of our beautifully designed refillable coffee caddies!
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    Rich, dark and beautifully smooth

Brew the perfect cup

    Monsoon Malabar is a versatile coffee, but to really highlight its aromatic complexity and powerful flavours we recommend using a stovetop, cafetière or AeroPress. When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don’t scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.

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Write a Review
Write a Review
* * * * * Fantastic coffee! by Kyon on 27th March 2018

I bought several beans for my boyfriend as gifts, and Monsoon Malabar is the best, our favourite of all so far!

* * * * * Monsoon Malabar by William Bennett on 20th February 2018

I love good espresso, have tried many types and this always comes out on top, my favorite by far. It is also good in a cafetiere.

* * * * * Monsoon Malabar by Roger Phillips on 25th November 2016

Absolutely superb! Only for those who drink real coffee...what more could I say?

* * * * * Excellent by Andy Bridle on 27th May 2015

My favourite coffee by miles. Needs to be made as fresh as possible, then you'll taste the wonderful distinctive flavour. Highly recommended.

* * * * * Best Coffee on the market by Hilary Fletcher on 14th May 2015

This is my absolute favourite coffee. As I dont live anywhere near a Whittards store I have to rely on mail order and occasionally run out. No other brand labelled "Monsoon Malabar" come anywhere near the quality or flavour. A super coffee

* * * * * My favourite coffee by Andrew Campbell on 26th April 2015

I love this coffee and always have. It has a wonderful natural sweetness while remaining tangy and strong in flavour. To re-emphasise a previous review - I have been a fan of strong, sweet coffee but recently decided that I needed to reduce my sugar intake - I do not need sugar in Monsoon Malabar. Fantastic!

* * * * * Best espresso coffee found so far by Lisa Barlow on 17th December 2014

Before my local Whittard closed, I was known there as ' monsoon Malabar lady'. I now order online (10*4oz and freeze) and it is still my favourite coffee.

* * * * * Coffee with identity by John Curnow on 5th May 2014

These days I probably only drink three or four coffees on a regular basis and this is one of them. Distinctive and with a great taste of the Far East this coffee has always been a winner and can be drunk at any time of the day. A wonderful complimentary smokiness that stands out from the pack.

* * * * * Love it by Caroline Hodges on 13th February 2014

I love rich, dark coffees but the bitterness in coffee means I usually need two sugars. I barely even need one with this, it's got a lovely deep flavour but without the bitterness. I would definitely recommend it.

* * * * * monsoon malabar coffee by denise mcgee on 6th December 2013

Iv had my filter coffee machine for a few years now but only recently been brave enough to buy a grinder and do my own beans, so glad i have done this though and even happier to have found whittards. I had never tried the monsoon malabar beans before or even the pre ground but omg its lush its is my new favorite coffee will definitely be buying more of this :) whittards keep up the great service :)

* * * * * Monsoon Malibar coffee beans by Sarah Chambers on 19th August 2013

Best coffee ever! Great for bean to cup coffee machines and the aroma fills the kitchen. Wicked!

* * * * * Monsoon Malaber Coffee by Elaine Ellis on 9th April 2012

Has to be my favourite coffee and also a hit with family and friends. The best way to end a meal along with liqueur.

* - - - - What happened? by David Stevenson on 2nd April 2012

This used to be my favourite coffee, rich and dark. Then the last two orders I found the bean drier and lighter in colour/roast with nothing of the taste I so much enjoyed for the last 6 years????????

* * * * * Jeffs opinion by Jeff Black on 18th March 2012

Have been buying coffee off of whittards website for a while now, im always happy with the coffee - particularly this one, the stronger the better for me!

* * * * * Monsoon Malabat by Susan Gowens on 7th March 2012

We buy this coffee and Cafe Francais on line now, we have been drinking these for about four years! Wonderful coffee and excellent service from Whittards.

* * * * * Beautiful coffee by Jennifer Woodward on 2nd February 2012

This is the most beautiful tasting coffee I have ever had. I drink it all the time now.

* * * * * Loving it! by Brusselpicker on 3rd January 2012

Having only read the previous reviews an info I ordered on a whim. The service was superb. A strong dark bean which makes richly flavoured coffee without any bitterness! My brother and I were both struck dumb by simply not having the superlatives to describe it! If you like strong coffee this is for you! I am hoping to win the lottery and buy my own plantation. Don't think I will be drinking much else.

* * * * * Monsoon Malabar. by Lee on 21st December 2011

Quite simply, the finest coffee known to humanity. True : )

* * * * * Fantastic classic by Cat Lever on 15th December 2011

One of my all time favourites and have tried all of Whittard's coffees over the years. Don't store it in the fridge though- too much moisture! Nice dry cupboard will do!

* * * * * Product Reviews by Margaret on 4th October 2011

My favourite coffee in the whole world! I have been drinking this for years and would never change to anything different. There is nothing to match it. A good, strong cup of coffee which tastes as good as it smells!

* * * * * Monsoon Malabar by Jen Thomaas on 7th June 2011

Tried all Whittard Coffees,but once we tasted the rich stimulating flavour of Monsoon Malabar,we rate it No.1,and enjoy a cup every morning and always after dinner.Coffee flavour fit for KINGS!!

* * * * * Absolutely fabulous by Stephen Doran on 12th May 2011

Wow Wow Wow let Whittard's NEVER take away this fabulous Indian Coffee there is NOTHING to match it. Also delicious with a light sprinkle of cinamon on top of the ground beans before brewing. The only downside is it pongs to high heaven so I now keep mine inside 2 layers of clic-loc tupperware so the oils don't take over the fridge!

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Taste Guarantee

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The story goes that coffee was brought to India by the 17th century pilgrim Baba Budan, who smuggled seven coffee seeds out of Yemen on his return from Mecca. He planted the seeds in the lush southern state of Karnataka, the home of our much-loved Monsoon Malabar. Indian coffee tends to be sweet, creamy and low in acidity, maturing slowly in the shade to increase the natural sugars of the bean, and cultivated alongside crops of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon for a light hint of spice. 

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