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Limited Edition Banko Gotiti Washed


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    • 125g / 4.4oz
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    • Beans
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    • Espresso
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Code: 345371

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  • Description
    As the birthplace of the bean, Ethiopia knows a thing or two about growing coffee – and this particular variety is a shining example. Bursting with bright citrus notes typical of a Yirchaffee coffee, it's beautifully balanced with a smooth caramel sweetness.
  • Ingredients

    Roasted Arabica beans.

    Storage: Always store coffee in an airtight container. Ground coffee should be used within 2 weeks of opening to ensure optimum freshness.

    Roasted and packed in the UK.
    Packed in a protective atmosphere.





Tastes Like

Lime & Caramel

Brew the Perfect cup

When making coffee always use freshly drawn and boiled water – wait a few seconds for the water to cool so you don't scald the grinds. Cardinal rule? Never re-heat brewed coffee! Freshness is everything.






This coffee speaks for itself: sip it straight as a espresso, brewed in a V60 for a clean finish.

Origin: Ethiopia

The village of Banko Gotiti sits in the Gedeb district of Ethiopia, which borders the famous coffee micro-region of Yirgacheffe.

A Way of Life

Coffee in Ethiopia is like matcha in Japan; it's intrinsic to everyday life and considered something of a "ceremonial" event. When hosting guests, the senior-most woman of the house will roast coffee in a pan, freshly grind it and mix it with hot water in a brewing pot called a jebena. The coffee is then poured into small cups, and freshly boiled water added to brew it two more times.