Cold Brew Coconut Coffee Cooler

Cold Brew Coconut Coffee Cooler Recipe


5 minutes


Super easy



Did you know our Limited Edition Coconut Flavoured Coffee tastes just as delicious cold? Switch up your everyday brew for something a little more experimental…

150ml cold brew Coconut Flavoured Coffee


Lime wedge (juice and wedge)

150ml tonic water

  1. Cold brew the Coconut coffee, add 100g of coffee per litre of water to a cafetière and fill with cold water (use filtered water for the clearest taste). Give the grinds a quick stir and put the lid on. Pop in the fridge for 16 –20 hours. Push the plunger down before pouring.
  2. Once brewed, fill a highball glass with ice.
  3. Add the cold brew coffee, a squeeze of lime juice from the wedge and the wedge itself.
  4. Top up with tonic water.

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