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Chilli Chai

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Chai for those who love their spice.

In the streets of Mumbai, you'll be offered glasses of steaming hot chai steeped in shed-loads of sugar. The classic brew of the subcontinent was first inspired by the tradition of Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu healing practice which uses a combination of herbs, spices and sweeteners to cure the body - black tea wasn't added to the blend until the British established the first tea plantations in Assam in the 1830s.

Our take on the Bombay brew is a spicy blend of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, with creamy pieces of vanilla and a pinch of chilli for an invigorating kick - add a topping of frothy milk and a spoonful of honey and you'll have yourself a chai latte.

  • Tea Type

    Flavoured Black Tea

  • Origin


  • Taste Profile

    Aromatic, Sweet

  • Tastes like

    Sweet, aromatic spices with a chilli kick

  • Food pairing

    Indian style food makes a perfect match

  • When to drink

    Chilly winter evenings

Brew the perfect cup

Add one teaspoon (around 2g) of loose leaf tea per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.

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7 Reviews

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Write a Review
* * * * - Absolutely lovely....but by Peter Smith on 8th March 2018

This is by far the spiciest and best chai blend I have tried and i will continue to buy it as I'm going through it like nobody's business! My only slight criticism of the tea is it has too many cardamom pods for my taste Also I would like to know why it is considerably more expensive than most of the other black teas

* * * * * Yum! by Fia on 19th February 2018

The chilli chai is delicious! The black tea is really smooth and the chilli and cardamom add a really lovely depth, I brew it for about four minutes to get a really lovely spicy taste, you can brew for less for a more subtle taste as well. I could drink this instead of a regular black tea it’s so good!

* * * * * Tea for the cold by Lenka Shelley on 4th December 2017

Lovely slight burning sensation helps to heal my cold. Tastes wonderful, I will always have a bag of this at home from now on!

* * * * * perfect! by Liz on 16th January 2017

Love spicy chai tea, and the addition of the chilli to this one is inspired. No sugar and just a drop of milk, and it is perfect blend. Going back to get the bigger size of this.

* * * * * Delicious! by Nathan on 29th September 2016

This tea tastes amazing - nice and spicy, not hot as such. Much better than supermarket teabag varieties which are pretty weak. And, unlike using chai masala spice powder, it isn't at all messy or gloopy. Infuse for a few minutes to allow the spices to release their flavour, and add some milk and sugar (or honey) for a lovely cup of Indian tea. I usually use an infuser, but heating in a saucepan works well for larger batches or to get a spicier infusion.

* * * * * Superb cuppa! by David on 17th June 2016

Best tasting Chai tea I've ever had, everything is perfectly blended, the clove is nice and strong and the chilli is not too overpowering an absolutely wonderful tea!

* * * * * Not one to share! by Fiona on 24th October 2015

This tea is far too nice to share with others! I put a pinch..or two in my 'tea ball' and rather than discard the wet leaves, I put them into a shallow dish in my kitchen - the smell is lovely and lasts! As for the tea, I purchased it after discussion with Selena in Nottingham shortly after stock had arrived and have not regretted the additional cost. A little goes a long way and it is a refreshing drink both hot and luke warm, through I have not tried it with milk - supermarket tea bags are for milk! Do not forget that you can create your own blend in a 'tea ball', chilli chai is great with milk oolong for a softer evening drink. Remember though, do not offer to visitors unless you can lock the tea away!

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Ever since our founder Walter Whittard weighed out tea leaves behind his high mahogany counter, we’ve been experimenting with our own inventive blends. The Chinese were the first to try blending tea leaves with fruits and flowers and it takes time, skill and imagination to master the art. It’s all about creating the perfect balance of flavours: we blind taste at least 20 different variations before settling on the perfect recipe. Just as some musicians have perfect pitch, an expert tea blender needs to have some pretty perceptive tastebuds…

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The word 'chai' means tea in many languages, deriving from the Mandarin Chinese ‘chá'. The first English record of the word dates back to 1615 when an English merchant sent a letter to Macao requesting ‘the very best sort of chaw'. We're not sure if his request was met with success, but we've given this tea the number 615 nevertheless…

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