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Lars on the merits of Pico Duarte

Welcome to another Q & A with of our helpful and knowledgeable store manager, today it's Lars from our Cardiff store. He shares a recipe for chilled vanille latte and unusually names both a favourite tea and coffee:

Lars of Whittard Cardiff

What is your favourite Whittard tea or coffee and why?

FavouriteTea: Oolong. It has a great taste that lies in between green and black; the delicate fragrance of a green tea with the added body of a black tea, the best of both worlds.

Favourite Coffee: Pico Duarte. A very satisfying rich medium coffee, drunk as an espresso it gives a lingering warm sweetness. I don't drink it with milk and find that it has so much flavour that you carry on tasting it for some time after it is finished. Lovely!

What best sums up Britishness to you?

Eccentric traditions along with a certain amount of single mindedness. We have our own way of doing things, don't question why we do it like that and always consider it to be the best way to get things done.

Everyone likes to make their favourite drink in their own particular way. Share a tea or coffee tip:

Put roughly 2/3 shots of espresso (preferably Pico Duarte) in a large cappucino cup and add a scoop of ice cream. Start by the eating the ice cream with a spoon (giving the BEST coffee ice cream ever) then once the ice cream has melted you have a wonderful chilled vanilla latte. Perhaps more suitable for the summer but good all year round nonetheless.

If you could click your fingers and be sharing a tea or coffee with anyone, anywhere in the world where would you go and who would your companion be?

Coffee, Atacama desert, Brian May.

What's the best compliment a customer has paid you or a Whittard product?

 I've had a comment that a lady wanted to return to the shop just to see me smile again. She didn't buy anything which is why she wasn't returning for any tea or coffee!

Which Whittard product are you most like and why?

Margaret's Hope because I'm deep, complex, mild and appreciated by people with exquisite taste.

Thank you Lars.

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