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Dreamtime Instant Tea

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Our famous Dreamtime instant tea is sweetly soothing, with fruity flavours of apricot and honey and a comforting creamy finish. It’s the lullaby of our instant tea range…

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Write a Review
* * * * - Tastes delicious... And no wonder. by Tyla Thomas on 24th July 2018

I've tried both the 'Vanilla and Strawberry' and 'Dreamtime' variants of the instant tea and they're undeniably delicious, exactly as expected. My first concerns arose however when seeing the amount of sugar left in the bottom of the glass after stirring. I'd drink the contents and see a thick layer of sugar in the glass, so the flavour dissolves in well, but the sugar is clearly in too high a concentration to dissolve fully. This is confirmed when seeing that the most abundant ingredient is Sugar. Indeed there are only 4 ingredients: Sugar, Acidity Regulator, Black Tea Extract (just 1 percent!) and flavouring. Nineteen grams of sugar per serving, with the whole tub a massive 96% sugar. As the flavour is delicious without all of the excess sugar dissolved, I think the recipe numbers needs a revamp. Smaller tubs, more black tea extract and flavourings, less sugar. The tub would last longer as you'd need less powder per glass, and the product would be less detrimental to health. I saw 'instant tea' and thought it perfect for a quick drink in the morning or evening, but can only bring myself to drink it as a treat now. Going off the fact that most people don't have very much sugar in flavoured teas, if any, the drink is overly sweet, and if the sugar dissolved as well as I'm sure Whittard intended, it would be extremely sickly. P.S. A bit of ice and gin makes this even nicer! Takes a bit of the sickly sweetness away too.

* - - - - I was shocked by John W on 12th June 2018

I asked my wife to get me some to try as I avoid caffeine. I was shocked to read on the label that a typical 20 gram serving contains 19 grams of sugar. I didn't even open the tin.

* * * * * So relaxing by Janine Mander on 16th May 2018

Love this drink it every night and sleep like a baby

* * * * - Sweet Flavour by Aleigha on 30th March 2018

I love this as an iced tea. It's very sweet but the flavours are more subtle and relaxing. Definately one of my favourites in the instant tea selection.

* * * * - Lovely, but very sweet by daisychains on 3rd January 2018

Received this as a gift and it's wonderful, so relaxing - like a hug in a mug. Although I do have a very sweet tooth I was taken aback at how sweet it was (sweeter even than the salted caramel hot chocolate I also received) so will only have it as an occasional comforting treat. I'd drink it every day if it was less sugary and I could sweeten it myself as wished. I guess sugar is a cheap ingredient...

* * * * * Always loved this tea by Clair on 23rd December 2017

My favourite tea by far, I've been drinking this tea on and off for around 15 years. Its so soothing I drink it before bed or if I have a headache. It is sweet, I don't take sugar in my drinks normally but I don't find it too much. Perfect feel good tea.

* * * - - Love this tea but way too much sugar by Briony Learmond on 23rd October 2017

Love the flavour of this tea have done for years, But way too much sugar not sure how anyone sleeps after so much sugar before bed. Reduced sugar option should be top of whittards to do list!

* * - - - Too sweet by Wardi on 30th June 2017

Flavour is really nice but the sweetness just takes over. Threw it away. With all the reviews on the same thing Whittard should keep the sugar option to the consumer and stick to the flavour

* * * * * Amazing! by Jessica gardiner on 12th June 2017

I first has this tea about 7 years ago at a airport and bought it recently and it still tastes amazing! My favorite tea in the world! It's even lovely over some ice cubes and put in fruit punch! Try it out guys!

* * * * * Bedtime by Rachael Croft on 26th May 2017

Just stumbled across one of your stores today and amongst the shelves the beautiful picture of a night time sky stood out to me. I soon purchased the dream time tea and currently sit enjoying my first cup. I was overwhelmed by the aroma and taste and highly recommend this tea as a night time comfort unwinder it's blown my other night beverages out of the water and I can't wait to share my new night time treat with friends. Definitely a good night and sweet dreams tea

* * * * * The best by Nurun on 8th April 2017

Worth the money. Last time I had this drink was 15 years ago! Still the same flavour.

* * * * * Great Tea by Katie Stewart on 12th February 2017

My husband swears by Dreamtime instant tea. It helps him have a good nights sleep.

* * * * - Getting pricey by Colin Renaut on 11th January 2017

Nice, but getting too expensive. Not long ago you could often get 3 x 500g for £12.00 in the shops, or £5.00 if not on offer. Now its £6.00 for 450g

* * * * - Dreamtime tea by Elizabeth on 8th January 2017

I like it for a lift but it is rather too sweet for me. However it does have a wonderful smoothness to it. Since I love Whittards I think it is quite acceptable to produce a sweet tea like this for "sweet tooths" out there!

* - - - - AWFUL! by Lisa Hutchings on 22nd December 2016

How on earth this helps anyone sleep is beyond me! Sugar is the main ingredient, the flavourings are not natural ones, and it's black not green tea. A waste of £6

Reply from Whittard, 23rd December 2016

"We're sorry you didn't enjoy this but remember under our taste guarantee you can return this for a full refund or replacement"

* * * - - Too sweet by Carol Martin on 18th December 2016

Whittards products are of good quality BUT this is way to sweet for me although my daughter loves it. The Mulled Wine tea is the same, far too sweet. Come on Whittards, time to make 'reduced sugar' instant teas for those of us who prefer that option.

* * * * * Try it, you won't regret it! by Jo on 8th December 2016

Honestly one of the loveliest teas that's ever been made! That may sound like an exaggeration, but every one of my friends who has tried this tea has had to go out and get one for themselves - it's that good! Try it, trust me - you will not regret it!

* * * - - Nice tipple, be aware of the high 96% sugar content though! by Helena on 6th September 2016

Nice enough - kind of a peachy flavour and relaxing as an ODD nightly drink. A little underwhelmed to be honest? Also... not sure I would have it too often as it IS almost all sugar (as is all the other instant teas I guess?) so having three heaped teaspoons of sugar a night may not be great - stick to something like golden chamomile for a daily night drink.

* * * * * Nom by Paul on 11th August 2016

Has anyone tried eating this without diluting it? It's AMAZING, it's like some kind of dreamy sherbert!

* * * * * A good staple by James Cullen on 16th July 2016

What a wonderfully warming, comforting tea, yet one that really refreshes your palette. It's beautifully soft and aromatic, just as good served cold over ice as a summer 'juice', but also I feel that it could be used in boiled red wine as a warming Christmas cuppa!

* * * * * I'm love by IWONA on 2nd July 2016

Love Dreamtime. Good cold as well.

* * * * * Soothing by jane simpson on 1st May 2016

This drink is wonderful either hot or cold.So soothing in the evening before bed. Whittards would be crazy to stop making it! Enough said.

* * * * * Favourite Drink in our house! by Alison on 13th November 2015

My daughters love this drink and I buy it regularly. It is sweet but a lovely treat at the end of a cold day. Thumbs down for the new packaging though- you need a long spoon to get to the bottom, and there's less in the pack than before- don't think we wouldn't notice!

* * * * * My favourite by Sandy on 30th October 2015

Love Dreamtime, have this drink hot every night at bedtime. Good cold as well. Shame about the new lower content packaging, but price remains the same.

* * * * - A delight by Kirsty on 23rd October 2015

When I first had a sip of this, it was as a hot drink, I wasn't sure of what to make of it. But after a few more sips, I was hooked! It is very creamy, which surprised me. I must try this cold.

* * * * * Dreamtime Instant Tea by Sharon Dray on 23rd August 2015

Love the flavours, great hot or cold.

* * * * - Dreamtime tea by Julian Perry on 22nd August 2015

We have been buying this tea some years and is great for bed time, but like most companies now to buy 3 at a good price but we have noticed the weight content has dropped from 475g top 450g.

* * * * * Sleep like a baby by Sharon on 13th July 2015

Love this tea tsstes so nice me and my husband have trouble sleeping so we thought we would give it a try .we havent had a sleepless night since we have to try and drink it quick though or we start dropping off before we finsh it .

* * * * * Dreamtime by Mandy Kite on 9th July 2015

Best tea in the range, I love it, please don't delete from the range. It is a very soothing drink anytime of day, once the remainder of the other tin of fruit tea has gone Dreamtime is the only one I will buy, I take it when I travel also.

* * * * * Dreamtime Instant Tea by Lorna Murray on 27th April 2015

My favourite from the range of Instant Teas! Like Jackie (21st April) I love it as a hot soothing drink or cold as a refreshing drink & Pamela (26th March) it's also my constant travel companion. Have stopped drinking regular teas since starting Whittard Instant Teas several years ago.

* * * * * Amazing Tea by Melissa Koisser on 23rd April 2015

This is the nicest of the ranges . After reading other reviews I really do hope this isn't discontinued.

* * * * * refreshinglygood by jackie watson on 21st April 2015

just love this tea its very warming when made with hot water and a spoon of honey and refreshing made with cold water and ice. please dont delete this tea as its the only one i like. ive gone off normal tea and only drink the dreamtime anytime day as a refreshing brew or eve for a nice warm cosy drink before bed. i would recommend this to every one to try. .

* * * * * Fear by Pamela on 26th March 2015

I read in a review you are thinking of deleting dreamtime tea from your range. I know all good things come to an end but, please, not this. I travel alot and Dreamtime tea is my constant companion. I have tried others in the range and nothing compares. It is also perfect to offer guests who need to be caffeine free so do not drink tea and coffee.They love it too!

* * * * * Instant tea by Rebecca on 13th March 2015

Very good quality and taste nice

* * * * * Love this tea by Gill on 9th March 2015

I love this tea and always have to have some in the house, it's probably all in my mind but if I have one in bed at night it helps me to sleep! My friend thinks it is far too sweet, but I love it.

* * * * * Dreamtime by Mark Smith on 23rd February 2015

we love this tea as soon as we can afford it we will get a load more

* * * * - Definitely less keen on this flavour. by MRS NATALIE S FORD on 20th February 2015

This flavour of Whittard instant tea is okay but I am definitely less keen on it than others I have tried.

* - - - - too sweet by Marion Shuttlweorth on 26th January 2015

Dreamtime is the first I have tried of the Instant Tea Selection and if they are all as sweet I won't be finishing any of them. Sweetness can always be added if necessary. Very disappointed.

* * * * * Lovely by Sash on 26th January 2015

A great drink in the evenings with lovely tones and a mild taste. I'll try it cold now that i've just brought two more tubs. This and Peach Melba are my faves (sweetness and flavour depends on how many spoonfuls you use).

* * * * * Dreamtime by Eileen on 25th January 2015

I bought this in error but decided to try it anyway and I'm so glad I did....lovely, say no more

* * * * * Dream Time Tea by Amanda on 21st January 2015

I buy this for my nephew who is 13 and he loves it - I brought some on Friday and was told that you are discontinuing it. My nephew was really upset. I brought 2 tubs to keep him going!!!

* * * * * Dreamtime tea is delicious! by Jamie on 21st January 2015

One of my absolute favourite drinks from Whittard. I love the taste. It's a fabulous warming drink and actually doesn't taste bad cold either. I have bought this on many occasions and will continue to do so.

* * * * * Heaven! by Claire on 18th January 2015

I love this tea, there are actually no other words for it! its just as delicious cold as well, served iced on a hot day. Its perfect and I couldn't be without it! I even have a sneaky tub in my desk at work. Fabulous stuff. Can i give more than 5 stars please?

* * * * * The Best by Wendy on 16th January 2015

Ever since I tried a sample in the Whittards shop in the Strand, it has been my FAVOURITE drink, and as Andriene said, it still tastes just as great when it has gone cold. I particularly enjoy it in the evenings when I am relaxing after a hard day at work, and I am quite at a loss when I have run out. I was disappointed that the shop does not stock the instant teas any more, but am so thankful that I can still order it online. Please don't ever stop producing this tea, it is wonderful.

* * * * * dreamtime by frances on 11th January 2015

This is brilliant i love the taste and have it any timeof the day it is great and help me have a good nights sleep

* * * * * Dream Tea by Marie on 11th January 2015

Wonderful at bedtime to help sleep

* * * * * Love this tea by Daniel on 6th January 2015

My girlfriend and I love this tea :)

* * * * * Amazing Dreamtime by Maureen Radley on 16th December 2014

I would be lost without Dreamtime. I have problems sleeping and this is the only thing that helps. I have told lots of friends about it and would be devastated if it was not available.

* * * * * Andriene by Andriene on 14th December 2014

I love this tea. It's great hot and if you leave it and it gets cold it's just as great. No one else in the house is allowed this. It's "MUM'S" TEA.

* * * * * Best Whittard tea! by Rosa on 3rd November 2014

I love this tea, definitely the best among instant teas! Easy to prepare and wonderful flavour! I love having my cup of Dreamtime before going to bed. Unfortunately, I found out that Whittard doesn't sell instant teas in store anymore and it's only possible to order them online... don't ever stop producing this great tea!!!!

* * * * * Wonderful! by Fiona Baxter on 23rd October 2014

This is a wonderful product. I hate tea and have never drink it but this "stuff" is fab. It is referred to as "mixture" in our house. Have only tried it hot - some day I will try it cold. Please do not mess with it - it`s perfect.

* * * * * Dreamtime by Anne on 13th September 2014

My favourite of all the flavours Good at night and anytime really Refreshing different drink. Both hot and cold

* * * * * Love it! by Hilary Brennock on 8th July 2014

I have issues with sleep, it just seems to evade me, I've used this two nights in a row and both nights Ive slept like a baby! Will be purchasing a big tub of this!

* * * * * Perfect! by Caterina on 5th June 2014

Questo tea è perfetto! Ogni volta che sono in viaggio cerco un negozio Whittard per poterlo comprare... è magnifico! L'unico problema è che all'aeroporto mi fermano sempre chiedendomi cosa sia, se una candela o altro! Solo dopo il test anti-droga mi lasciano andare... Questo è l'unico problema che ho riscontrato! per il resto è perfetto! Prima di andare a dormire e prima di uscire la mattina non posso che farmene una tazza

* * * * * Soothing by Claire on 14th May 2014

I love this tea. Its so soothing; lovely to drink before bed but it's also great for when you're not feeling well instead of having a camomile tea :)

* * * * * finally by Marianna on 14th April 2014

I came to visit London in 2003, and I bought the former edition of the tea. I loved the taste, and I bought some with me home to DK, and at some point I ran out of it. Years later I've been trying to find it again on websites and so on, but in vain, cause I've forgotten the name of it. Then 2 years ago, I met an old friend of mine, whom often came on visit to the UK. She said that when she was there last time, the exact tea was out of order. I researched it again, and finally found it here on whittard, and had it delivered to DK. Thank you so much Whittard... You now have a permanent returning costumer. My favourite tea of all time!

* * * * * Dream Time by nige on 6th April 2014

A tea that works at bed time. Despite the claims of many teas to aid a good night sleep. That I have found to work. My only criticism is that I could do with a bigger tin. Many thanks for the good nights I have had

* * * * * youtube by Charlotte on 24th March 2014

This was so good and really helped me sleep better! If it's too sweet, add a bit of lemon or lime juice.Works a treat x

* * - - - Hmm by Jess on 4th March 2014

This just isn't the tea for me, I love other variations of the instant tea like the peach melba and pink lemonade, but there was something about this tea that just wasn't right for me. It was far too sweet, I tried it with less powder and still didn't like it and ended up pouring two cups away. I'm not sure why as I have a real sweet tooth and love all of the flavours in it but it just wasnt for me.

* * * * * Love It! by Franchesca on 21st April 2013

It's so good! Cannot imagine going to bed without it :D

* * * * * Amazing by Rose on 25th February 2013

The best tea I've ever had, I recommend to all. Must try it out, I have only tried two flavours so far, Peach Melba and Dreamtime, both absolutely fab.

* * * * * AMAZING by Amey Graver on 23rd February 2013

My favourite tea ever! If only the tub was bigger.

* * * * * dreamtime instant tea by hazel charlesworth on 9th February 2013

got this from a friend for a birthday pressy the blend of vanilla, apricote and camomile excellent

* * * * * Dreamtime by Pamela Brown on 27th November 2012

My daughter introduced it to me several years ago. Cannot imagine life without it. It has to travel with me wherever I go.

* * * * * Tongue-tingling, sweet sensation! by Hazimah Pg Abd Rahman on 19th November 2012

Just got my order yesterday, have to say I regretted buying... only one tub! Peach Melba is amazing (best cold), but this is the best hot beverage & just blows my socks off everytime I drink it (have had too many a cup from yesterday up til the one now!) There is a distinct, tangy apricot taste that perfectly fits under the sweet flavours. PERFECT for winter as the tub says. I will be buying more before this tub (or any other tub) finishes.

* * * * * dreamtime instant by lorna on 22nd September 2012

quite sweet.just used less powder.lovely flavour,will be back for more

* * * * * Mrs by Shirley Brocklesby on 8th April 2012

I love my teas, wouldn't be without them especially Dreamtime. As soon as I get down to the last one whether they're on offer or not I put my next order in and within a few days the box arrives. I've never been let down. Well done Whittards.

* * * * * yummy by julie hounsome on 7th April 2012

Both myself and my husband love this stuff, but have been trying to find alternatives as the cost creeps up. We've bought some more but only with a voucher - we're still looking

* * * * * sleepy tea by andrea glasgow on 5th April 2012

really does make you sleepy for some reason and tastes really nice better than chamomile its more relaxing and soothing helps me nod off

* * * * * Lovely bedtime drink by Clint on 3rd April 2012

This is a great drink for insomniacs! I sip a mug at bedtime to relax and prepare for sleep. It tastes great too!

* * * * * Best of instant tea! by Tomoko S on 1st April 2012

I have tried most of Whittard instant tea. And I found this is the best of them! For night time, and also day time, too!

* * * * * dream tea by Doris Painter on 28th March 2012

i been drinking dream tea for a long time my granddaugter cane back from london with a can for me i loved it so i been getting it every since now i have my husband hooked thank you Doris

* * * * * Gorgeous any time of the day by Emma Hughes on 21st March 2012

I wasn't sure if I would like this as it sounded a bit sickly but it is gorgeous any time of the day.

* * * * * Dreamtime by Mrs Janice Fell on 20th March 2012

It is the first time we have purchased this product and we are quite impressed with it, Drinking it makes you feel very relaxed and calming which we all need before going to bed. Amazing Thank you

* * * * * dreamtime instant tea by dawn lane on 11th March 2012

a lovely evening drink, a great taste will be buying this again.

* * * * * Dreamtime tea by Mrs Barbara Appleyard on 8th March 2012

Excellent drink, relaxes and helps my husband drop off, me I find a refreshing change and soothing from coffee & tea.

* * * * * dreamtime by M Pendlebury on 6th March 2012

This is so lovely at bedtime,I am so delighted with it

* * * * * Dreamtime by Roger Perrin on 3rd March 2012

A relaxing late evening drink. Excellent and prompt customer relations in sorting out a problem.

* * * * * Perfect! by Jovana on 3rd March 2012

Just popped in a Whittard store and was offered a cup by the staff, was delighted by the taste and immediately bought a box. Will definitely come back and buy some more as gifts for my family.

* * * * * Dreamtime by Heather Hummel on 25th February 2012

This is the most refreshing hot drink that I have ever had. Its pleasant without being too sickly and can be enjoyed cold as well in the summer. Please don't ever change it.

* * * * * dream tea by Rosemarie Bygrave on 24th February 2012

my self and my daughter love this tea ,so refreshing

* * * * * Dream Time Tea by Eric Kenyon on 21st February 2012

Delighted. It does what it says on the tin.

* * * * * Dreamtime tea by TINA HOLLIMAN on 18th February 2012

I love my dreamtime tea any time of the day, it is so much better than normal tea or coffee.

* * * * * dreamtime by Liviana on 10th February 2012

I now this tea because I was live in London for seven years and I really enjoy.

* * * * - dreamtime istant tea by daniela on 6th February 2012

Wonderful. The taste is particular , very original.

* * * * * teapot by Kath Senior on 5th February 2012

Excellent product even works on my young grandsons. Very relaxing.

* * * * * Day Dreamtime by Barbara Marshall on 5th February 2012

Have loved Dreamtime for over 11 years, but I take it with one teaspoonfull only - I don't have a sweet tooth! I drink it all through the day, 'cos it's too good to save for night time. Please, please, please Whittards, don't ever stop production.

* * * * * dreamtime tea by jaki pardoe on 3rd February 2012

Everyone in my family loves this drink, especially before bed.

* * * * * Dreamtime by Mark Adrian Sammut on 30th January 2012

Love this stuff! Kind of remind me of a tea with honey and lemon, but tastes so much better. a must have before going to bed at night!

* * * * * Dreamtime tea by Maureen Herdman on 29th January 2012

My family really love this. Great flavour and helps us relax before bedtime.

* * * * * dreamtime by Vanda West on 21st January 2012

Love all your fruit teas but this Dreamtime is my favourite - at bedtime

* * * * * dreamtime tea by k foley on 12th January 2012

this tea taste's divine it is the drink of choice after work to help me wind down after a hard day's work in a hot kitchen i describe the flavor as LUSH !!! there is nothing better just wonderful thank-you whittard

* * * * * Dreamtime tea by Dawn on 12th January 2012

Gorgeous! My elderly mum has also fallen in love with it, so I ordered her some and when it was delivered to her it made her day!

* * * * * Dreamtime Tea by Jean Smith on 6th January 2012

fantastic flavoured drink, i buy in bulk when on offer as we use at least 1 tin per week. great for allergy sufferers as no caffeine or dairy.Goodness knows how we'll manage if it is ever discontinued!

* * * * * Dreamtime Tea by Mandy Suzanne Long on 27th December 2011

I really love this drink and look forward to my last drink of the evening as my treat before going to bed, it really calms me and helps me to get a good nights sleep.

* * * * * Sleepy tea by D gammon on 13th December 2011

We call it sleepy tea. We discovered it in store last christmas, when we had a taste and now we are bereft if we run out. Take it with us if we go away. We buy in bulk when it is on offer, as I drink it in the day too. Its lovely if you have a cold and sore throat, very soothing. I like 2 teaspoons.

* * * * * Yummy tea by Sheena on 16th November 2011

I cannot drink tea in the evenings as the caffeine keeps me awake and this has become my new favourite bedtime drink with its sweet fruity soothing aromas!! Love it

* * * * * dreamtime tea by Tracey on 13th November 2011

What a lovely tea and it really does help you sleep and cannot wait to get more

* * * * - Dream Dream Dream ..... by HM on 13th November 2011

It is a sweet drink but has the most delicious flavour and aroma.. really comforting for enhancing nighttime slumbers. I started buying it for my elderly mother, who regularly had been having a chammomile tea before bed but she has deemed this her favourite now. I buy it by buckeloads for her as she has it every night. I also do on occasions when I just feel I need that little something calming before bed.

* * * * * lovelylovely by Donna on 10th November 2011

Dreamtime is beautiful! It's even earned the nickname 'dreamy dreamy night night tea' in my house - brilliant.

* * * * * Must try, must buy! by Natalie on 9th November 2011

I first tried this tea 5 years ago, I had just moved out of home for the first time, and this lovely comforting drink came into my life. Fruity, and lightly spiced, it's a must have for those who cannot live without a late night cuppa. You can use as much or as little as you like, so if it's too strong, use a little less powdeer, it's not rocket science - it's tea!

* - - - - dreamtime instant tea by beckett on 8th November 2011

this instant tea is horrible it,s too sweet and tastes terrible

* * * * * Dreamtime Tea by Denise on 21st October 2011

Wow this has fast become one of my favourite drinks and is quickly becoming a house in our house!

* * * * * Love this product by Charlene on 11th October 2011

This is a very firm favourite in our home, has been for many years now and is something that we can't do without. I even have a few visitors requesting it on occasion... Great given as a gift with a latest bestseller book! As far as tea is concerned, this is the best thing since sliced bread!!

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Taste Guarantee

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