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Spring-Handle Infuser

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Product Details

Here’s something to put a spring in your step: this stylish stainless steel infuser creates the perfect individual infusion, and it’s also rather fun to play with at your desk… Simply squeeze the handle upwards to open the clasp, fill half way with your favourite loose leaf tea and release to spring shut. Immerse in your teacup until you’ve reached the ideal infusion and pop it out when you’re done. Genius.

Comes with a Whittard branded gift box.



Infuser: 4.5cmx2cm


Care Instructions
We recommend washing by hand.
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31 Reviews

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Write a Review
* * * * * Cup of tea by Stephen Harris on 14th July 2018

Love it, makes great tea

* - - - - Design fault makes this useless by Michael Cooke on 1st July 2018

Wish I would have purchased the cheaper infuser which at least opened properly. The two halves do not open completely away from each other making it awkward to fill and almost impossible to clean, it does not save time but wastes your time.

Reply from Whittard, 2nd July 2018

"Hi Michael, we are sorry for the disappointment with this infuser. Please contact us directly and we can arrange a suitable replacement or refund for you. Best wishes, Nichola @ Whittard customer services"

* * * * * Spring Handle Infuser by Lynne on 12th February 2018

Love this product, had a heart shape one for years. Use with English Rose tea, only use 5/6 strands of tea in it. I pour the water into a mug first, put in infuser, leave for 2 minutes and remove, I do not stir. Never had any problems, use every day.

* - - - - Horrible by Anna Szeifert on 15th January 2018

For me once I struggled to fill it up pouring tea leaves everywhere around, immerse it in the mug and it springs open automatically, so all the leaves ending up in the water.I tried it several times, but same result.At the end I did not feel like drinking tea anymore. Made a mess though.It's not working, going to return it tomorrow.

* * - - - Impractical by Luke on 8th January 2018

Received as a gift. Honestly a lot more of a faff to to use than it should be. It's designed to simplify by being able to scoop and stir with the strainer yet you have to be so careful when loading it not to trap leaves on the edges as it closes. Holes are too large made no better by the sliding half forcing leaves through the gaps. I would not recommend this product without a redesign.

* * * * * Very useful by Jessica on 1st January 2018

Love it! It works very good and it it very easy to use! Maybe a little bit hard to push, but it's very fast and useful.

* * * * * LOVE this controversial infuser by Erica on 6th November 2017

Great infuser. The design works like a tspoon which is fantastic!! I cannot stop stiring this in my mug! It was NOT DIFFICULT to rince the pocket or get tea leafs out from it. I make Earl Grey with this and it does not need lots of leafs either. When I get tea leafs out, I hold it open and give a few gentle raps against inside of bin. As long as tea leafs are still wet, it should come out easily and rince to get rid of tiny bits. It was easy to keep it clean! Happy tea making at office :)

* * * * - Good producr by Dana Harrison on 3rd February 2017

I read some negative reviews about this product. Although Initially I had similar thoughts this is how I found the solutions: Firstly do not overload the infuser and make sure tea lives are not overhanging when defuser is closed. As for cleaning it. I just run it under tap water whilest the fuser is open and the water washes the tea away. I only give it a thorough cleaning every now and again and in between it stays in a mug waiting for the next cup of tea.

* * * * * Best tea strainer by John on 6th June 2016

I had a heart shaped spring handle infuser for 12 years, and it has only now just broken so am now having to use the standard mesh infuser. Will definitely be replacing it with the round ended stainless steel infuser as it makes lovely tea, looks great and is excellent value.

* * - - - Is cute and clever but by Jamie D'Ath on 20th April 2016

it doesn't hold tea leaves well I got it with the English breakfast set, but its only good for bigger leaves, to which this set isn't because I poured in the hot water and out come far more leaves in my tea than I'd like XD

* * * - - Looks elegant, but kind of annoying to use by Jennifer Bonner on 4th August 2015

I got two of the silver-plated ones of these that came with loose tea packages. They are very elegant looking but a pain to clean and kind of difficult to hold open to put the tea in and take it out when finished. Also, it appears that the two halves don't meet as tightly as they did when I first got them...I keep expecting the spring mechanism to break, but so far (a couple of weeks of daily use) they are working fine.

* * * * - A positive note by Lisa Nathasingh on 6th April 2015

I had bought the English Breakfast set with silver plated spring action infuser as a gift & thought it looked so attractive later bought this stainless steel one for myself, although loose leaf is a bit of a luxury! There are clear written instructions on the packaging to not over fill the infuser - to use approx 1/2 a teaspoon rather than the description above which give the leaves space to expand within the infuser once water is added. Cleaning while the leaves are too damp can be difficult (leaves can become trapped as per previous reviews) but you have to be gentle otherwise the 2 halves will no longer meet together so over time tea leaves will escape through the gap. I have not experienced much tea leaves escaping from the designed infusion holes. I think the trick is to not overfill the infuser and also to knock out the used leaves once dry which makes it easier to clean and also causes less damage to the 2 halves of the infuser. 4 stars as I've not had this for long but not had glaring problems but perhaps the instructions could be made more clear - although I cannot remember the ones that were enclosed. As a result this is a good infuser for a single cup of tea but would recommend looking elsewhere for heavier drinkers.

* - - - - Spring Action Infuser by Philip Marshall on 24th January 2015

Nice looking product and the spring action works but because the spring action causes the two halves of the infuser to slide over one another rather than opening away from one another it is horrible for filling and cleaning. Probably won't get used much and will seek a better product elsewhere

* - - - - I guess it will look nice in my kitchen by Kathy on 15th January 2015

Didn't try it yet, but was reading to see how to use the spring action. Sounds like it won't be easy. I'll try it since I picked it up while in London and now I'm home. I think I'll pick up a strainer. Oh such high hopes.

* - - - - Simply does not work, looks nice though! by StephenM on 20th November 2014

In was given this recently as a gift, and it definitely feels like a quality item. But, goes quickly downhill on actually using it. On filling one half, trying to get the other half to slide back on without emptying the contents all over your work surface is difficult. The leaves simply get caught. As for cleaning, well, because the two halves don't separate fully, wet tea leaves simply are trapped in it, necessitating a scooping out with a sharp pointed knife or a fork. I really haven't come across such a poor design of anything for a long time. Hadn't the heart to tell my friend who gave it to me, so it sits out in the kitchen as an ornament!

* * - - - Not fit for purpose by Kleopatra on 12th November 2014

Really difficult to clean. Its large holds cannot properly keep teal leaves inside, it just ruins your cuppa. Such a shame, it looks so pretty

* - - - - Miss sold by Jacqueline Burnett on 25th October 2014

I totally agree with most of the comments above. I went into the Whittard shop in Nottingham last Saturday for some green tea bags, they only had loose tea in the flavour I required, so I asked for some help on which infuser to buy, I was told that the spring action was a good one because it is so easy to clean, all I can say is this person totally lied as I don't think he has ever used one. It has been such a waste of money and as I don't live near the shop I can't take it back without spending the same amount in petrol. I am very disappoint in Whittards!

* - - - - Shame :( by Ashan on 26th May 2014

This looks gorgeous. Bought it as part of a gift with lots of different loose tea's how ever, first use concludes that it's a waste of time as the holes are two large to contain the tea there it needs straining anyway :( Very disappointed especially as it was given as a gift :(

* - - - - pretty but useless by Mrs A Strachan on 17th May 2014

I took mine back for a refund as the two halves don't slide open enough to get a good quantity of tea in. Then the wet tea leaves are impossible to get out without a lot of poking with a sharp knife. As I drink 12 cups of tea a day, totally useless.

* - - - - Spring action infuser by VJ on 23rd April 2014

Have to agree with what has been already said. Very pretty but not fit for purpose. A bother to get used tea leaves out and also lots of stray tea leaves escape into the tea when ready to drink so much so that it really has to be strained again . Not good.

* * * - - Actually not that bad... by R Webb on 11th April 2014

I can see why loose tea would be a problem, but this is great for things like fresh mint tea, or more bulky infusion options. This is what I got given to use in a lovely french chain of restaurants and worked a dream for fresh mint.

* - - - - Disappointing by Anna on 30th March 2014

Completely impractical. As others have said, the two halves don't fully slide apart making it hard to empty/clean when the leaves are wet, and it can't be used solely with a mug/cup of tea because the tea leaves escape, floating around in the cup. Had to try to make it work by making the tea in a jug then pouring it into a mug with an additional tea strainer - a joke!

* - - - - It broke on the second use... by Eleanor O'Connell on 20th August 2013

I agree with other comments about the wet tea leaved being difficult to clean out after use, and the leaves escaping out the side of the strainer when brewing. I could almost forgive all that, because it's a pretty product, but mine actually broke the second time I used it. I'll be taking it back for a refund. A real shame :(

* - - - - Product Fail by ADAM HONEYMAN on 30th July 2013

After attempting to use the product..twice, and failing to make a decent cup of tea without a mass of tea leaves..I have to conclude that, as per the other reviews the product is NOT fit for purpose. Very disappointing as Whittard's standards are usually quite high.

* - - - - Scrumpy by Mrs J Button on 16th May 2013

I agree with the above buyer. Tea leaves all over the place when trying to empty and not great to fill either. Disappointing product and not used a lot as not efficient .

* - - - - Disappointing by Amanda Boxall on 28th April 2013

I agree with the other comments - a lovely looking thing but doesn't do the job. Tea leaves everywhere, not kept nicely inside the infuser at all. What a shame!

* - - - - disapointed by shaun on 25th October 2012

the tea falls out of the side where the plates slide together it could do with a seal

* - - - - Faulty design by Susan Wood on 25th March 2012

I've had exactly the same problem so presume this is a design fault. Very disappointing as this was part of my Mother's Day gift from Beloved Son.Have emailed Whittards about this and am looking forward to their response.

* - - - - infuser by Evans on 1st March 2012

Unfortunately the tea leaves were able to get through the holes spoiling the tea.

* - - - - Not so good... by Galatia on 11th January 2012

The loose tea gets out of the infuser withou even moving it. (not through the small holes but in the part that opens...)

* - - - - Lovely idea but horrendous to use by CJ on 1st January 2012

Bought as a gift as I loved the neat, efficient idea. However, although the infusion works well it's messy to fill and even worse to empty. The two halves don't slide fully apart so the wet leaves get stuck in the crossover. Cue tea leaves all over the sink, rather than neatly tapped into the bin. Shame!

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