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Spiced Chai 50 Traditional Teabags

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Spiced Chai is a zesty blend of a southern Asian drink known as masala chai. Every day in railway stations and busy markets, chai wallahs sell trays of spiced tea in small clay cups. Our version mixes black tea with the intense flavours of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and black pepper, which creates a wealth of exotic aromas.


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    Zesty with Exotic Aromas

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Write a Review
* * * * * Amazing by Trish Wells on 13th July 2017

Love this tea - so different. The convenience of tea bags is great.

* * - - - bring back loose-leaf by SEIICHI SAITO on 28th May 2017

I really loved this Brend loos-leaf. I want to buy loos-leaf tea version again. That brend is excellent and amazing!! Please bring back loos-leaf version again!

Reply from Whittard, 7th June 2017

"Hi Seiichi,

Thank you for your comments and feedback. I can assure you that i will pass your comments on to the relevant department for you.

Thank you,
Customer service advisor"

* - - - - Bring Back the loose-leaf version! by Peter Olmsted on 14th April 2017

Please bring back Spiced Chai....I personally find it much better to my taste than Spice Imperial, and I am utterly dismayed that you no longer make a leaf version of it (Spiced Chai). The tea bags of Spiced Chai pale by comparison to the loose leaf version. I have been drinking Spiced Chai since roughly 1998 or so, and am utterly addicted to it (my last boxes, which I have been hoarding after a worldwide search, are running out!).

* - - - - Bring the loose leaf back! by Peter Olmsted on 26th March 2017

I agree...the loose leaf is the best chai I've found and I've drunk it for at least 10 years, a pot every morning. Unfortunately the bags are a poor imitation and the "signature" Imperial Chai is a weak younger sibling for my palate :(. Please bring it back!

* * - - - Disappointing - please bring the loose leaf version back instead!!! by Olesya on 13th November 2016

Whittard used to sell Spiced Chai in a loose leaf version which was simply amazing and the best chai I've ever managed to source. A good chai is a difficult to find as the combination of spices differs and other brands often get it wrong. The teabags, whilst sharing the name, do not even come close to the loose leaf version - it's basically a cheap alternative that is still quite expensive. What does Whittard do? Brings this one back and the loose version is nowhere to be seen.

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 Masala Chai was a spice infusion long before the addition of tea made it the drink enjoyed on Mumbai streets today. Some records pinpoint 1834 as the year tea came to India, so we've given this tea the number 34.

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