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Make your own 3D advent calendar


Got a moment at home before heading out for the Black Friday sales? Advent starts in earnest on Tuesday, so you’ve got the weekend to get a bit crafty with a homemade advent calendar. The 3D ones are the best, made of 24 mini drawers filled with treats. Ideal, really, seeing as it’s the shopping weekend of the year…


You can buy a kit to make a wooden 3D advent calendar like the one in this photo, give it a coating of paint and decorate with decoupage cut-outs. We like Victorian skaters, Dickensian Christmas puddings and prancing reindeer .


We’ve been inspired by a jam jar style advent calendar to make our own from caddies.

Obviously we’ll be going for full on Whittard, but you can use any jars or caddies you have in the house. Just arrange them on a tray, with a number on each one – our fill-me-up caddies have blank cards to write names and numbers. A little bit of sprinkled glitter won’t go amiss…

What’s inside? Here’s a few ideas…

Day 1: A pack of colourful Alice chocolate bars.

Day 2: Roll up a poem and tie with velvet ribbon.

Day 3: Earrings or cufflinks.

Day 4: A painted egg, like these ones!

Day 5: A tea globe infuser.

Day 6: Homemade fudge.

Day 7: Something useful: a bottle opener.

Day 8: Homemade pom-poms.

Day 9: A bag of boiled sweets. Rhubarb and custards.

Day 10: A bag of mulled wine spices.

Day 11: A handwritten recipe for Christmas biscuits.

Day 12: The real deal.

Day 13: A chocolate stirring spoon, with mini mallows!

Day 14: A pack of playing cards.

Day 16: A charm bracelet.

Day 17: A joke! What do you call a cat in the desert?

Day 18: Sandy Claws!

Day 19: A treehouse of chocolate honeycomb.

Day 20: A mini notebook with a secret message.

Day 21: A cocktail recipe.

Day 22: Five finger puppets.

Day 23: A freshly baked mince pie.

Day 24: A clue to their biggest Christmas present! A key, a ticket, a bottle cork…

Got any bright advent calendar ideas? Tell us! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our online advent calendar, with offers, top tips and treats each day…

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