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Design-a-Caddy: Meet the Winners

Have you seen our stunning new mini caddies yet? Designed by customers Hannah Phizacklea and Louisa Taylor, they’re a little homage to the glorious sounds, sights and senses of autumn. Inside, you’ll find two of our most autumnal teas: aromatic Pumpkin Spice oolong and sweet, fruity Toffee Apple tea.

We got chatting with Hannah and Louisa about their favourite brews, what inspired their designs and what the future holds.

Hannah Phizacklea – Toffee Apple 

Design a caddy toffee apple
What inspired you to create this design?

I was actually on a walk with my dog Rex in the woods near my house. Rex was waddling ahead of me when he suddenly fell into frame with the trees. His coat’s a bronze colour, and it married perfectly with the colour of the falling leaves – it all just clicked.

What does autumn mean to you?

To me, autumn is all about bold colours, big blankets and Bonfire Night! It’s my favourite season, and I look forward to it every year.

Are you excited to see your mini caddy in store?

So excited! I walk past a Whittard store most days, and I have to resist telling every human, “I illustrated that!”

Is there an everyday brew that you can’t do without?

I tend to chain-drink a good English Breakfast tea: there’s always a cup on my desk, though whether I manage to drink it while it’s still hot is another question. If I fancy something a bit different I’ll go for a mint flavour hot chocolate!

Is there an artistic project you’re working on at the moment (or have planned)?

I work as a designer in themed entertainment, so there’s always something excited going on there. In the case of personal projects I’ve just got back from road-tripping across the west of America, which was incredible. As a memento of the holiday I’m currently in the process of building an illustrated map of all the places we went to – I don’t anticipate it being completed any time soon!

 toffee apple tea

Louisa Taylor – Pumpkin Spice 

Louisa Taylor- Pumpkin Spice

What inspired you to create this design?

I thought about the key things that remind me of Halloween, and brought them together into one design. There’s the black cat, a single crow, those autumnal colours and – of course – the pumpkin.

What does autumn mean to you?

Autumn to me is about the changing colours of the leaves, turning orange and red and yellow. It’s also about wrapping up warm in the cold wind!

Are you excited to see your mini caddy in store?

Yes – very excited! I’m really looking forward to having one in my kitchen (and trying the new Pumpkin Spice tea).

Is there an everyday brew that you can’t do without?

I love to have a cup of English Breakfast in the morning to wake me up – and in the evenings I like to wind down with a mint flavour hot chocolate.

[Note: we at Whittard have noticed this curious coincidence, and are contacting scientists to establish whether the gene which codes for creativity also codes for loving mint flavour hot chocolate.

Is there an artistic project you’re working on at the moment (or have planned)?

I’m hoping to expand my most recent collection of fashion and interior prints – I particularly enjoy drawing reptiles and insects!

 pumpkin spice oolong

Design-a-Caddy 2018

Fancy seeing your own design on one of our caddies? Look out for 2018’s Design-a-Caddy competition – you could be seeing your own art in Whittard stores this time next year!

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