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March's Tea of the Month: Silver Needle

The extraordinary Silver Needle is our Tea of the Month here at Whittard of Chelsea. Legend states, that the barely open buds of the tea leaf are plucked using golden scissors, under the light of a full moon... The legend adds to the theatre around the tea, while perhaps not entirely true, we do love the storytelling element of this sought-after cuppa.

 Silver Needle is a white tea, with a very delicate, sweet and mellow taste. It's often classed as the Champagne of our white tea range, with the theatre around the tea and the youth of leaves adding to the extravagance. The just-open buds are picked before the very first spring rains in China's Fujian Province, when the silvery tips create an elegant, needle-like appearance.

Beneath the light and mellow flavour, you'll find a hint of sweet, ripe cantaloupe melon. This tea is refreshing and lives up to it's reputation in the tea world. It works perfectly in a Cold Brew T Bottle to create a light, cooling beverage.  

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