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Toffee Apple

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Product Details

Tea meets toffee apple. It's a match made in heaven.

With a caramelised sweetness and fruity finish, this inventive infusion reminds us of the toffee apples munched on bonfire night and Halloween. Whole chunks of apple and pineapple give it that juicy bite, and scrumptiously crunchy macadamia nuts add a sophisticated twist. Warm and rich with layers of sweetness, it's a tea for when you're feeling peckish.
  • Tea Type

    Flavoured Fruit Infusion

  • Origin


  • Taste Profile

    Fruity, Sweet

  • Tastes like

    Candy cane crossed with apple pie

  • Food pairing

    The sweet apple flavour balances the richness of caramel

  • When to drink

    Autumnal afternoons and chilly evenings

Brew the perfect cup

Add two teaspoons (around 4g) per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Best enjoyed without milk.

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6 Reviews

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Write a Review
* * * * * Use lots for a super sweet treat by Laura Chandler on 8th November 2017

My favourite fruit & herbal blend. I confess that I use a lot in one cup so the brew is very sweet! Of course, if you're not so hot on sweet, you can use much less. Completely personal preference. You gotta love the smell though!

* * - - - Way too sweet by Triin Major on 24th October 2017

Loved the smell, but I can only drink a cup of this at a time because it's just way too sweet. I usually drink 3-4 cups during my workday, but this one just gets sickly. I never drink my teas or coffees with sugar. It does say it contains added sugar in the ingredients, which I didn't read properly or I guess I just wanted to try this because of the smell. I will definitely not buy any teas with added sugar in the future. I do like the dried apple/pineapple bits once they're soaked (yes just to eat!), so perhaps I can utilise this tea in baking or add some to mulled wine.

* * * * * Autumnal Heaven by Eden Goldie on 18th September 2017

Okay firstly let's just appreciate the packaging, the caddy I purchased is decorated with an Autumnal scene of fallen leaves and reflects the theme of the tea perfectly. The smell is that of an evening at a bonfire wrapped up in chunky knits and sweet smells of nearby food stalls sweeping through the brisk evening breeze. I like to brew this articular tea for as long as possible, this is to make sure the tea is infused with sweetness and the almost burnt toffee taste. Probably my favourite fruit blend from Whittards.

* * * * * WOW! by Carl Robinson on 19th March 2017

This experience starts with the smell, it reminds me of walking into Disney World and being bombarded with the smell of cookies and waffles etc... Onto the taste, it tastes just like apple crumble cobbler, sweet juicy apples surrounded with cinnamon, and topped with a toffee like crumble. Absolutely delicious!

* * * - - Subtle by Rebecca Edmonds on 27th January 2017

I love the flavour of this tea but I find it's not too strong and will only make one (maybe two) cups of tea! My other whittard teas will all make three cups and still be delicious

* * * * * YUMMY by Elen on 9th January 2017

It's surprisingly very refreshing. Helps me with my sweet tooth too! I'd highly recommend.

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Ever since our founder Walter Whittard weighed out tea leaves behind his high mahogany counter, we’ve been experimenting with our own inventive blends. The Chinese were the first to try blending tea leaves with fruits and flowers and it takes time, skill and imagination to master the art. It’s all about creating the perfect balance of flavours: we blind taste at least 20 different variations before settling on the perfect recipe. Just as some musicians have perfect pitch, an expert tea blender needs to have some pretty perceptive tastebuds…

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