Nepal Shangri-La Loose Tea


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  • Format:
    • Loose Tea Pouch, 50g
    • Loose Tea Caddy, 50g

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  • Description
    Situated high up in the Himalayas near the border with Darjeeling, the Shangri-La Estate stretches across 250 hectares of lush green hills, an area shared between seven cooperatives and 900 smallholding farmers. The proximity to Darjeeling makes for a similar delicacy of taste and a light gold colour to the cup, but this exceptional spring-grown Nepalese tea has its own subtle spiciness and refreshing notes of citrus. Political upheaval has meant that the tea industry in Nepal has only really got going over the last 20 years – nevertheless, year after year we're constantly impressed by the quality of Nepalese teas. Refined, bright and aromatic, you can really taste that mountain air.
  • Ingredients

    Black Tea

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    Gluten free.


Black Tea


Floral and citrussy with light fruit notes


Try with a light, savoury afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches




We’ve given our Nepal Shangri-La the number 99 after the founding date of the Shangri La Estate, 1999.

Brew the Perfect cup

Teaspoons (2 grams)


1 cup

200ml water

100 degrees


3-5 mins

Origin: Nepal

The high altitudes and crisp mountain air of the Himalayas are ideal for growing tea, and Nepalese varieties are some of the best in the world. We'd compare the flavour to tea grown in neighbouring Darjeeling, with an added spiciness and hints of citrus fruits.

Black Tea

Fully oxidised for a rich, robust flavour, black tea is the most popular type of tea in the western world – and for good reason. Its full body and depth of flavour make many black teas ideal for drinking with a splash of milk, while more delicate varieties like Darjeeling express a huge range of complex characteristics. Discover more about black tea here.