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Earl Grey Chia Pudding Recipe

Recently on Twitter, we spotted that customer Emily had sent us an image of her Earl Grey Chia Pudding recipe. We loved how inventive Emily had been with our tea, to create this delicious breakfast or afternoon snack, so we wanted to share the recipe on our blog too. Emily's recipe was originally hosted on

Here's Emily's write up of the Earl Grey Chia Pudding...

Monica and I are fashionably late to the chia party. Chia has been “so hot right now” for awhile actually, and Pinterest has long been trying to convince me of its virtues. When and why did our chia ambitions begin? My memory is fuzzy on this point (too much sloe gin?), but I think we started talking about chia as an option for smoothie enhancements. We both have a smoothie every day, and we both need more protein in our diet. So, why not? Chia ho! 

Pudding! Earl Grey! Cold! If you can use any liquid for chia pudding, why wouldn’t you use Earl Grey tea? This one went through a few test batches, and the ratio of milk to tea is a matter of taste, but here’s what I came up with:

Just mix it all up in a glass or jar and let it set for about 3 hours or overnight. I really squeezed the tea bag into my glass – and then used it again for tea! Sadly, while pretty, the orange marmalade garnish was too overwhelming a flavour.

Many thanks to Emily for allowing us to share her recipe here for you all to try. If you've got the ultimate tea or coffee recipe, and you'd like us to share it on our blog, then please get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or email!

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