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Eat Cake and Move On

Introducing Sarah Mclean, store manager of our  Buckingham Palace Road store, tells us about her favourite Whittard products and how to make a hot chocolate even more of a treat.

Sarah Buckingham Manager Palace Road

What is your favourite Whittard tea or coffee and why?

My favourite coffee is Monsoon Malabar, I love it because it has a very unique flavour, very dark and smooth with a slight sweetness to it that I adore! I also love it because of the story behind how it develops it's unique flavour (the beans are left out to mature in the monsoon rain and winds)I haven't heard of too many other products that go through that so it's a pretty special coffee!

What best sums up Britishness to you? 

Being able to solve any problem, celebrate big news, catch up with friends and family or relax with a cup of tea. In a crisis I think the phrase " I'll put the kettle on" always shows Britishness.

Everyone likes to make their favourite drink in their own particular way. Share a tea or coffee tip...

When making hot chocolate, if you want to make it extra creamy add a couple of teaspoons of White Hot Chocolate powder and froth up with a whisk! Mmm!

What's the best compliment a customer has paid you or a Whittard product?

Hearing that some of my old regular customers still asked about me years after I left a store was one of the best compliments I've had since working at Whittard. 

Which Whittard product are you most like and why?

I think I am most like our Eat Cake and Move On mug as I think a brew and a bit of cake is the perfect end to a day.....or start to a day....or anytime really!

Thank you Sarah

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