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Superhero teas to recharge your superpowers

Let’s face it – tea is a bit of a superhero. It’s rich in antioxidants, is a good source of hydration and is a real lifesaver on grey Monday mornings. This is the year of the superhero movie – so which tea should you choose to recharge your superpowers?


If you’re a fan of Bruce Wayne and can’t wait for the release of Batman v Superman, you can channel the Gotham spirit with a pot of strong English Breakfast. As typically British as Batman’s trusty butler Alfred, English Breakfast is the only choice when it comes to waging the Caped Crusader’s war on crime.

Captain America

Any man who can bench-press 545kg and run a mile in 73 seconds is worth watching on the big screen. Make your own super-soldier serum by bringing a flask of Gunpowder Green with you to enjoy alongside your popcorn. With a slightly smoky flavour and a ton of antioxidants, this Chinese elixir guarantees super-powers… at least for the movie’s 2hr 26min running time.


Superman is a multi-faceted character – he wouldn’t ever settle for a standard milk and two sugars, and neither should you. Whether you’re a Clark Kent fan or prefer the spandex-clad character himself, channel Superman by drinking Big Red Robe. Oolongs are the most complex type of tea to produce, and this highly roasted oolong with chocolate notes and nutty tones is a flavour sensation.


Deadpool is a man with a mission, so if you’re looking to mimic his focus and drive, why not try our Lemon & Ginger infusion? The combination of lemongrass, liquorice and spearmint gives you the zing and sweetness you need to accelerate your day. 

The Joker

True, he’s Batman’s number one foe, but we have to admit we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for the narcissist villain. While none of us wish to emulate his sadistic sense of humour, we do have an appreciation for his sharp mind. Skilled in chemistry and nuclear engineering, the Joker is a superb multi-tasker. To improve your own focus and concentration you can make yourself a cup of matcha, which is packed with antioxidants that are said to improve concentration. Drink this tea with the small comfort of knowing you’ll never matcha The Joker’s crazy. 

Harley Quinn

Once a model student and devoted gymnast, the former psychiatrist turned super villain has an appreciation for a classic cup of tea – which we saw in the recent Suicide Squad trailer. If you’re a Harley fan, give our devilishly delicate Darjeeling a try: it’s grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and picked while the leaves are still young. Drink with your pinky in the air for that extra Harley Quinn flair.

Wonder Woman

With beauty, brains and brawn, Wonder Woman is taking the human world by storm, but many forget her Amazonian roots. In homage to Wonder Woman’s early days, try a cup of Grapefruit Yerba Mate, originally enjoyed as a powerful stimulant by Amazonian tribes. Yerba Mate is also high in caffeine, so enjoy the additional super-powers this may summon. Adjust your tiara, polish your bracelets and crack that golden lasso of truth: this is a drink for wonder women everywhere.


Apocalypse is, effectively, immortal. Able to alter his form to suit his needs, this malleable-yet-complex mutant has one thing on his mind: power. Originating from Egypt, he was brought up on sugary black tea, but we think you’d prefer our finest single estate Kenya blend instead. Add a dash of milk to its rich aromas to enjoy the full impact of the flavour and feel every bit as powerful as Apocalypse.


Kara Zor-El didn’t have an easy journey from Krypton to Earth, but after 24 years suspended in time and space, she now embraces her Supergirl alter ego. We can’t imagine spending almost a quarter of a decade waiting to reach our destination, but in tribute to this lengthy voyage we’d like to toast a cup of Yellow Sun to Supergirl. This smoky tea is unique to China’s Anhui, Sichuan and Hunan Provinces and is baked in small quantities over the course of several days. It can take up to one week to complete, and like Supergirl we wouldn’t wait for anything unless it was worth it. And Yellow Sun truly is.

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