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5 Ways to be the Perfect Secret Santa

Christmas is on its way, many companies around the country will have booked their parties and Secret Santa is a popular tradition. It’s a great way to allow gift-giving without it costing a small fortune – and everyone receives a gift. Normally, a team or department agree a gift budget, add everyone’s name to a hat, each person then draws a name and purchases a gift, in secret of course. Gifts are then distributed at the Christmas lunch or party.

santa teapot

Here are our top tips to being the perfect Secret Santa:

1)    Don’t be too generous – recognise that people may have different financial circumstances and agree a budget that everyone in the team can comfortably afford. Christmas is expensive enough without feeling you have to break the bank for the sake of a work colleague.

2)    Choose something they will appreciate -  try and buy something that the person will use as opposed to something that you like – it’s no good buying a coffee lover a tin of teabags, no matter how attractive the tin! Look for clues that will help e.g. what does the person like to eat or drink, do they have any hobbies/interests, what do they like to watch/read?  Putting some thought into your Secret Santa gift really shows. If you are stuck for inspiration, food or drink is often a safe bet.

3)    Be funny, but not TOO funny - it is tempting to try and be humorous,  but make sure you choose carefully as gifts are unwrapped in public. Unless of course you know the person very well and know that they and the rest of the team will find it amusing, rather than mortifying! Ironic humour can be less risky e.g. buying someone who works in the finance team a mug that says “I love spreadsheets”.

4)    Avoid Embarrassing Disasters - definitely, definitely steer clear of gifts that are in poor taste, too risqué or suggest a relationship that doesn’t exist. Remember that embarrassing disasters will be very memorable, will almost certainly be recounted at any future work social events and pass into office folklore.

5)    Have fun!  Secret Santa is a great way to create good feeling when  entered into in the right spirit, it’s also good fun to try and guess which colleague chose your gift.

Here are our top five Whittard Secret Santa suggestions:

1)    English Breakfast Kilner Tin  – an opulent reusable tin for someone with sophisticated taste and who loves classical loose tea.

Breakfast tea kilner tin

2)    Snowman Fine china mug  – the perfect gift for the person who loves all things Christmas and has a habit of decorating their desk with tinsel and a collection of festive ornaments.

snowman mug

3)    Footsoother Tea Bags  - A refreshing, calming blend of herbal teas scented with lemongrass and peppermint to soothe and revive tired feet. A thoughtful and unusual choice for someone who loves a bit of pampering or perhaps is a keen walker.

foot soother teabags

4)    Mulled Wine Instant Tea – just the ticket for someone who enjoys the flavour of this traditional festive drink but without the headache.

mulled wine instant tea

5)    Flavoured Coffee Syrup Set – something a little different for someone who is a coffee fan and great for all the extra indulgence that takes place over Christmas.

flavoured syrup set




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