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A Real Blue Mountain Jamaican Fan

We asked James Alexander, manager of our Stratford store and a true coffee lover, some testing questions:

James Alexander

What is your favourite Whittard tea or coffee and why?

My favourite coffee is Blue Mountain Jamaican; full bodied, rich and smooth. I love it!

What best sums up Britishness to you?

Sitting in the park with cream tea; a pot of Ceylon leaf tea brewing, scones with butter, cream and jam and fresh strawberries. Amazing!

Everyone likes to make their favourite drink in their own particular way. Share a tea or coffee tip:

I love my coffee and tea in a bone china mug, it holds the heat better and gives a cleaner, crisper taste.

If you could click your fingers and be sharing a tea or coffee with anyone, anywhere in the world where would you go and who would your companion be?

I would go to Jamaica and try the Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee fresh from the crop and my ideal companion would be Sir Patrick Stewart, because he is a hero of mine and seems like he'd have some great stories to tell.

What's the best compliment a customer has paid you or a Whittard product?

I had a customer who wanted ten gift boxes made up for her family. When she came back she was so impressed with them that she told me I had "single-handedly made her christmas." Very lovely.

Which Whittard product are you most like and why?

I would say the Lime and chilli Hot chocolate; unique and fiery but not necessarily to everyone's taste.

Thank you James!

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