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A Whistle Stop Tour of our Favourite Blogs from Around the World and Home in Time for Tea

Some of you may know that we have recently launched Whittard of Chelsea websites in France, Italy, Germany and Japan. This has got us thinking about what tea, the planet’s second most consumed beverage, means to different cultures around the globe.

We’ve trawled the World Wide Web and have unearthed some rather interesting facts. It is not just tea etiquette that varies from nation to nation but also the preparation and use of these most influential little leaves.

We have compiled a list of some of the most fascinating blogs that highlight these cultural chasms. Below is a list of our favourite five:

1. World of Tea – Written by Tony, this blog gives an interesting snapshot into the everyday norms that exist around the tea-drinking world. Being American, he offers an enlightening insight into tea culture in the States.

Great for:  An overview of global tea cultures.

We particularly enjoyed:  this post on the tea culture in the UK according to an American. 

2.  Teaspoons and Petals - A blog penned by Alexis, a tea consultant and certified expert. Writing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Alexis draws together Chinese and Japanese tea traditions with tasting notes, food pairings and serving suggestions.

teaspoons and petals blog

Great for: tea-infused recipes. Alexis develops these for restaurants.

We particularly enjoyed: her dedication to the cause as highlighted in this post that advises on the type of tea to take with you on plane journeys.

3. The Mandarin's Tea - A blog written by Timothy Hsu who, if the blog is to be believed, is in fact a dog. We shan’t let this discourage us for now though as the blog explores some very different tea drinking cultures. The Mandarin’s Tea compares China’s vibrant and dynamic tea culture with their neighbours’ (Korea and Japan) relatively static traditions.

Great for: its images of bustling Chinese tearooms and apparatus.

We particularly enjoyed: though in no way condone, our four -legged friend’s penchant for cigars with tea.  

4. Australian Tea Masters - Focused on tea education in Australasia, Australian Tea Masters is full of tea history and fact. With a culture that is more similar to the western world, despite being closer geographically to Asia, Australasia sits on the fence between polite tearoom society and the almost spiritual act of tea drinking.

Australian Tea Masters

Great for: a holistic approach to the act of drinking tea.

We particularly enjoyed: the explanation of umami, that mysterious fifth taste.

5. Tea4Two This beautifully British blog, written by ‘Barmac,’ really captures teatime on our green and pleasant land. After our whistle stop tour of how the world drinks its tea, it feels good to stop and quench our thirst in more familiar surroundings,  complete with VIctorian Scone Recipes.

Great for: holding up a mirror to our eccentric traditions.

We particularly enjoyed: the review of Whittard Dark Chocolate Tea. Just joking, we really loved this recipe for chocolate fruitcake. Now if only they could teach us to bake…oh wait.

What does tea mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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