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5 Top Tips for Brewing Perfection

We’ve assembled some top tips to help you achieve brewing perfection—from the beans you choose right down to the first sip.

1. The Bean
First things first: a great cup starts with a great bean. We carefully select our coffees for their exceptional quality, so there’s a huge variety of flavours packed into each cup. Origin, roast and processing all play a part in the final brew—experiment to find your personal favourite.

2. The Grind
Want to keep your coffee fresh? It’s all in the grind. The more recently you’ve ground, the fresher the coffee: that’s why we always give the option of having your coffee ground in store. You could even grind at home—we recommend using a burr grinder like the Hario Coffee Mill.
3. The Gear
Are you a cafetière connoisseur? An AeroPress aficionado? Or a stickler for a stovetop? Whichever equipment you use, adapting your technique can make a big difference where final flavour is concerned. Check out our Equipment 101 for a few tips and tricks…
4. The Brew
Brewing a cup of coffee is all about extraction: essentially, it’s about how much contact the coffee has with the water. Grinding your coffee too finely or brewing it for too long leads to overextraction, and a bitter, parched taste; doing the opposite leaves you with a cup that’s sour and weak.
5. The Sip
Our final tip is simple, really: don’t let the coffee out of your sight. A magnificent cuppa is a much-desired thing, and you never know what thieves are hovering to take advantage of your work…

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