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Desert Island Teas with Vicky of Witney

In our variation of Desert Island Disks, we asked our store staff  what they would take to survive life on a desert island. Here's what Vicky, manager of our Witney store, chose:

Vicky of Whittard Witney

1)      Two teas

I would take our customer's favourite, English Breakfast, to remind me of home!

Also, Spice Imperial - this is our Christmas Tea so I'd be drinking this in the winter months to make me feel festive.

2)      One packet of biscuits 

Our Whittard Chocolate Chunk Biscuits would definitely be in my suitcase to get my chocolate fix every day. But I would try and smuggle more than 1 packet there!

3)      One book 

A survival book by Bear Grylls - he knows how to take care of himself so I'm sure I could pick up a few tips from him.

4)      One song 

Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now". Years ago I had a really bad day at work (not Whittard!) and this came on the radio during my drive home. It cheered me right up and it's now my "feel good" anthem.

5)      One luxury item

A laptop with internet access. That way I could keep up to date with everyone on Facebook, read the news, watch all my favourite soaps and reality tv. I could even see if the supermarket did online shopping delivery to my desert island - that would be amazing! (Not sure online shopping is really in the spirit of being cast away!  Editor)

6)      Which desert island would you prefer to be cast away on?

Jamaica. My husband and I almost went there as an alternative option when our holiday to Mexico was cancelled in 2009 due to the Volcanic Ash cloud. I'd love to go there and see what it's like. I hear they do a rather nice coffee too!

Thank you Vicky.

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