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Desert Island Teas with Esther of Salisbury

In another of our Desert Island Tea series, Esther, Deputy Manager of our Salisbury store, picks a great combination of island essentials and prepares to be cast away.

Esther of Whittard Salisbury

1. Two teas

The first tea I would take with me is our Russian Caravan leaf tea, it's an absolutely lovely one! It has a robust strength to it, but doesn't overpower - the best way I've found to describe it so far is strong, but 'airy'. The packing describe as tasting like 'freedom and adventure', and it weirdly kind of does!

I'd have to take some Jasmine Pearls with me too, I couldn't be stranded without some green tea. They give a great light flavour with the delicate hint of jasmine that I could drink constantly, all day long. You have to think long-term too - the Jasmine Pearls go a really long way, so I wouldn't run out of tea for ages!

2. One pack of biscuits 

We do some lovely Milk Chocolate Chunk biscuits. Lovely on their own, or for dunking in your tea when no one's looking!

3. One book

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Don't ask me why, but I absolutely love it. It's one of those books you can read over and over again and find something you never noticed before, or interpret something differently.

4. One song 

My song would be Dawn Rising by George Frakes. It's a perfect sunny day song; lovely and relaxing. I stumbled upon him by accident really, he was supporting someone else that I went to see live, but I left absolutely in love with his music.

5. One luxury item

A  hammock. Comfort is a very important consideration for me, and I doubt my abilities to be able to fashion a hammock out of palm leaves and coconuts. I could quite happily spend a large amount of time relaxing, in the sun, in my hammock.

6. Which desert island would you prefer to be cast away on?

The Phoenix Islands in the Pacific. Firstly, they're hot and sunny. They're also in a conservation area and unspoilt by humans. It's a beautiful place with lots of amazing creatures.

 Thank you Esther!



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