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Desert Island Teas with Gill of Nottingham

Gill, the manager of our Nottingham store provides the latest addition to our Desert Island Teas series, with an exotic taste in teas and an interesting choice of luxury item:

Gill, Nottingham store

1) Two teas

Mango and Bergamot loose leaf, it's one of our exciting specialist teas. The heady fragrance of mango is so uplifting, and it's such a refreshing tea served ice cold in this heat! Perfect to sip whilst reclining in the afternoon sunshine on my desert island! 

Lapsang always reminds me of my childhood, and trips to the tea and coffee importer with my family, so would stop me being too homesick.

2) One pack of biscuits

Butter Sultana...deliciously buttery, with soft sweet sultanas to feed my sweet tooth!

Butter Sultana

3) One book

Delia Smith's complete collection, Delia is quite simply the Queen of cooking and I might need some inspiration when it comes to making supper...after all as my deputy says 'there is only so much you can do with a coconut!'

4) One song

Europe - Prisoners in Paradise.I have loved this band since I was a teenager, and have seen them many times live, the words are quite apt, and i could sing it out loud and no-one could hear me! I would have to take the whole cd please!

5)  One luxury item

I would have to take my cat Delia. We got her from Cats Protection, she's half Bengal and half tabby, and has stamped her massive personality on our family. She would be able to hook the odd fish for our supper too!

6) Which desert island?

 Somewhere near Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas please! When it all gets too much I could flag down a passing jet ski!

Thank you Gill.

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