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First Flush Darjeeling – Worth the Wait

Each year, waiting for the first flush to happen can be nerve-wracking…the local weather conditions have a huge impact on when the tea can be picked and it's difficult to predict when picking can begin. 

This year, 2014, there has been a dry spell in the Himalayas, and rain has been in low supply meaning that the tea plants have flushed very late.  Whilst we don’t know definite figures yet, production in March was down 20-30% and first pickings at Margaret’s Hope and Okayti have started 2 weeks later than we expected.

Despite the delay, the tea that will be produced will still be high quality as slow growth in tea plants is actually a good thing – leading to a higher level of amino acids, and a characteristic sweetness in the plants.  Providing the temperature stays low which it is at the moment, we expect to have an outstanding crop.

It's definitely going to be worth the wait ... so keep watching for news of the arrival of our 2014 First Flush. 

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