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Whittard at Wimbledon

So, will you be cruising in with a ticket or braving the queue? Watching from the comfort of your sofa or from the top of Murray Mound? Wherever you’re watching, you needn’t be without your Whittard fix. True, with the ban on tea flasks it’s a whole different ball-game – but check out our tips to get you through…

Camping without a cuppa?

Here’s the good news: 500 Centre Court tickets are released each morning at 8am, so you’re in with a chance if you’ve missed the ballot.

The bad news: you’re probably going to have to camp overnight (though that’s part of the fun), and no tea flasks allowed once you’re inside the grounds.

So unless you don’t mind throwing away your thermos, that means no brew to brave the queue… Kind-hearted tea enthusiasts have been known to give out free cups of tea, and you’ll be glad to hear there’s no ban on coffee beans – bring a tube or two of Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans for the 6am wake-up call, and our Alice Chocolate Bars are perfect for popping in your pocket.

Skip the queue with a Cold Brew

So, you’re one of the lucky ones with a balloted ticket? Well you’ll have all the more time to prepare the night before. While others are camping you’ll be able to put your Cold Brew bottle in the fridge overnight – in the morning pour the infusion into a litre size bottle to get around that killjoy tea flask ban, and wrap with an ice-pack.

We’d suggest Mango & Bergamot to serve with fruit salad, and light-roasted oolongs make for matchless cold brewing. Try our Milk Oolong or Formosa Jade – you’ll find a cold infusion brings out the natural creaminess of the taste so they’re super with strawberries.

Strawberry-themed treats

There’s nothing quite like tucking into a seriously good picnic while watching others play sport. Murray Mound is a prime location for picnicking, and there’s so much more to strawberries than you think….

As a decadent dessert, try sandwiching together our Strawberry Shortbread with a light layer of cream cheese and some finely cut strawberries – you can wrap them up before you go or else easily create on site. They also make a rather brilliant base for a strawberry cheesecake, and why not bring a chilled milkshake of our Strawberry White Hot Chocolate? Coolboxes aren’t allowed, but ice packs are a life-saver…

Closer to a kettle…

So, you might not have made it down to SW19, but that only means more tea. If you’re watching the championships on screen, make sure you’ve got a good selection of brews and biscuits to hand – prepare a pot beforehand so you don’t miss a shot.

Top Wimbledon themed teas? Our Summer Strawberry Fruit Infusion is a classic base for an iced tea cocktail, while Strawberry Rooibos and our pretty Piccadilly Blend are ideal for greyer days. If you’re going a bit square-eyed a cup of coffee will help – go for a light roast like our Chelsea Espresso for something summery. And the ideal biscuits? We’d say go for Italian Cantucci. They’re easier to crunch when you’re not having to be quiet for the cameras… 

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