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Wimbledon Cold Brews:
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Yay! Wimbledon starts today, and we’re in the ready position. Last year we wrote the low-down on how to picnic on Murray Mound and the best teas for braving the queue. This year we’ve chosen the best cold brew teas to have in the fridge while you’re watching the game. We’ve set our favourites against one another to see which taste profile you prefer – who wins depends on your taste buds…



Spoon around 20g (around 4tbsps) of loose leaf tea into the cold brew bottle and add just enough boiling water to cover the tea leaves. Leave for 2 minutes, top up with cold water to the measurement just below the filter. Leave in the fridge for 3-6 hours or overnight.



Tea made with boiling water has higher levels of caffeine and tannins, masking the subtle flavours of the antioxidant polyphenols present in the leaves. The slower process of cold infusion highlights the natural sweetness and minimises the bitterness caused by tannins, clarifying the natural taste of the tea.




Black Teas

Cold brewing emphasises the smoothness and underlying sweetness of black tea, minimising the bitter taste of the tannins. Our multi-layered Kala Moti from the South Indian Nilgiri Hills becomes beautifully mellow with a subtle blossom fragrance. The natural sweetness of Kala Moti is intensified in our Vanilla Sundae, where we’ve added pieces of luxurious Madagascan vanilla.


Nutty Teas

Both Mao Jian green tea and Garden Party Oolong undergo a careful heating process which produces unusual toasted flavours. Mao Jian is fired to prevent oxidation, and cold brewing brings out top notes of fruit and nut. Our Garden Party Oolong contains tropical pineapple and papaya, and the chocolatey tones of the darkly roasted oolong are strengthened by a cold infusion.


Green Teas


Our Mango & Bergamot is a favourite to win the cold brew competition – we’ve used a Sencha for the base which gains a surprising sweetness when cold brewed, complemented by the flavours of mango and citrusy bergamot. The buttery, umami taste of Gyokuro is even more pronounced in a as a cold brew – the colour of the infusion is verging on tennis-ball green.


White Teas


We always recommend letting boiling water cool for a few minutes before pouring on white tea, and cold brewing takes the flavours to the next level. Our Snow Bud bursts into bloom, bringing out notes of hydrating cucumber and sweet cantaloupe melon. That natural dewy taste is emphasised in our signature Chelsea Garden blend, highlighting the freshness of strawberries and rose.


Fruit & Herbals


The effect of cold brewing fruit and herbal teas reduces the acidity of the ingredients, creating gentler, sweeter flavours. The icy cool of our Strawberry Mint comes into its own as a cold brew, delicious topped up with soda water and a squeeze of lime. The sherbet tang of our Lemon Verbena sweetens and softens, keeping the citrus tones and removing any bitterness.



Which cold brew will you be serving between sets? Here’s the recipe for our Strawberry Mint Fizz to get you started…




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