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Wake up and smell the coffee

Filter Coffee is having a ‘renaissance’, reports tea and coffee specialists, Whittard of Chelsea, with sales of paper filters and filter-ready ground coffee on the up as coffee connoisseurs rediscover their love affair with a pure cup of filter coffee. No froth, no chocolate shakings, not even any hot milk – just a simple cup of filter. 

The trend for filter coffee has been growing slowly and steadily, fuelled by dedicated filter coffee cafés popping up in London and hotels offering filter coffee alongside the usual cappuccinos, lattes and espressos. The movement has since spread into UK homes, reports Whittard of Chelsea.

Says Fiona Robinson, from Whittard of Chelsea’s head office in Oxfordshire:

“Trends in coffee tastes, like fashion, are somewhat cyclical but filter is the no-fuss,
no-froth cup of choice for many coffee lovers who have failed to fall in love with the flat white and prefer their coffee with as few “add ins” as possible.”

"In our stores, we sell over 18 varieties of coffee beans, and offer five different grinds for customers. We've noticed that requests for the filter grind have significantly increased over the last six months – by as much as 50% in some stores. The best coffees to use are single estate or single origin coffees which are roasted more lightly, releasing more of their aromas, and retaining more of their subtle fruity, chocolaty overtones when filtered."

The simplest way to make Perfect Filter Coffee at Home:

  • What you will need:
    Filter cone, paper filter, freshly ground coffee beans.
  • Boil your water
    By the time you add water to the coffee it will need to be just off the boil (or it can ruin the flavour), so let it stand cooling for 3 minutes after reaching its hottest point.
  • Grind the beans
    Take 25 grams of coffee beans and grind them in a machine. If you don't have a coffee grinder - buy ready ground beans. Ground coffee beans go straight into the filter and then to the filter cone, which should be positioned either just above or directly on top of your cup.
  • Pre-saturate
    To get the ground coffee filtering properly, pour in only a small amount of water to begin with: this is pre-saturation. Leave the grounds to soak through for about 10 seconds.
  • Pour in water
    Pour the water in a circular motion to cover all the ground beans, until the filter's full. Then wait a while and let it drain through. Top it up as many times as you need to in order to fill the cup. When the cup's full, stop pouring and remove it from the filter cone. You should use a new filter and coffee grounds every time you make a new cup.
  • Milk and sugar
    Add your preferred amount of milk and sugar to taste.

Alternatively, prepare in your filter coffee machine

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