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Think Small BREW BIG

We launched 100 loose leaf teas last year, stored in our lovely Whittard caddies. But before long we wanted something more. So we went mini.

Each of our mini caddies is the perfect miniature version of our main caddies, right down to the little inner lid which keeps the tea fresh. They’re a great introduction to loose leaf tea if you usually go for teabags – the quality of the leaves means you don’t need much to make a good cup, just one teaspoon per person.

In honour of all things marvellously mini, here’s five of our favourite things which show why mini means more:


Chillies are tiny, and one too many can have you weeping. There’s actually a system of measuring the hotness of a chilli, called the ‘Scoville Scale’. Peppers like cayenne are around 30,000 – 50,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units), and the spiciest pepper known to man is called the Carolina Reaper, reaching about 2.2 million SHU. Phew.


We’re talking technology, not potatoes. Computers used to fill up a room, and they were less powerful than your mobile phone. The invention of the microchip in the 1950s reduced the entire processing system into a tiny chip of metal – since then, computers have been getting smaller and smaller.


The 1957 Fiat Cinquecento is an icon of Italian design. Considered the ideal car-about-town, the Cinquecento squeezed in two in the front, two in the back, and a picnic box in the middle. But you had to be skinny – not so great, on a diet of pizza and pasta…


Nanotecture is an architectural movement specialising on all things mini – from houses designed to squeeze into super-small spaces, to expandable garden sheds and portable offices. We love these chic cat-cubes, a tiny design solution for cats with style.


We won’t see a bumblebee for a few months yet – the queen bees are hibernating underground, ready to start a dynasty in the spring. Bees are an essential part of food production, pollinating a third of everything we eat. Without bees we wouldn’t have coffee, cocoa or tea…

 And the best bit about mini? More room! That means more space for parking, more cats in your kitchen and more space for caddies in your cupboard. We’d say Cherry Blossom in a green caddy for the top shelf, Robert Fortune in blue for the middle, and purple Lemon & Ginger for an easily reached pick-me-up.

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